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Are cut flowers a viable new industry for Cook County?


Join Northern Gardening hosts Diane Booth and Joan Farnam and Master Gardener Sally Berg as they talk with Rita Jo Shoulz of Alaska Perfect Peony Farm and explore the possibility of creating a local industry here in Cook County.

Alaska has discovered a world-wide niche in the peony cut-flower industry and has gone from zero peony roots grown for the industry in 2004 to more than 139,000 peony roots in just 10 years.  

Can we do to this in Cook County?  Peonies like cool summers and long days — exactly what they have in many regions in Alaska and along the North Shore. 

Rita Jo Shoulz talks about how she started growing peonies for cut flowers in Alaska and managed grow it into a multi-million dollar industry. She also offers lots of tips about how to grow the perfect flower. Check out her site, for lots more info.