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Youth Voices Stories

Betsy Bowen

How Art Works: An Interview With Betsy Bowen

This is an interview by Youth Producer Nina Woerheide with local artist Betsy Bowen. Betsy brings us on her journey as an artist and tells us a little bit about how art works. 

Lipton's image of Kermit the Frog has become one of the more popular memes on the internet.

What is a Meme?

If you don't know what a meme is, you're in luck. Youth Producer Isak Terrill interviews WTIP's Will Moore on what he thinks a meme is.

The race took place on a rainy, muddy day.

The Lutsen 19er

Earlier this summer, youth producer Nina Woerheide took part in the Lutsen 19er mountain bike race. She shares her experience in this piece.

Silverware has more interesting origins than you would think.

The History of Silverware

When most people eat, they don't think about the history of the cutlery they're using.

Is summer ever quite long enough?

Summer Thoughts

In this piece, Youth Producer Linnea ponders how summer is often romanticized. Is the season really as good as it seems?

Yik Yak allows users to post anonymously.

Yik Yak: More Harm than Good?

In this feature, Youth Producer Isak discusses a new social media app that is taking Cook County by storm:  Yik Yak.

Lynden Blomberg interviews CCHS' Envirothon Team

On the May show, Youth Producer Lynden Blomberg talked with CCHS' Envirothon team. They discussed what Envirothon is and their chances of making it to the state competition.

Youth Producer Linnea Henrikson talks about the future.

Going to College

In this piece, Youth Producer Linnea Henrikson talks about college and the future.

Original Poetry from Youth Radio Producers

Linnea Reads "Poem #3"

Youth Producer Linnea Henrikson reads her original "Poem #3."


Recording Artist Profile: Sam Meyer releases electronic music as "Southp4w"

Youth Producer Lynden interviews Cook County resident Sam Meyer, who lives in Hovland and releases electronic music as Southp4w.