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Youth Voices Stories


Youth Producer Henry explores the history of the didgeridoo, an indigenous Australian instrument, and even gives it a try.

How do expectations differ for men and women?

Gender Expectations

In this piece, Youth Producers Lucy and Linnea talk about gender stereotypes and expectations in today's society. 

Kestrel learns more about traditional Jamaican music.

Jamaican Music

Youth producer Kestrel explores Jamaican music and its evolution over time. 

Youth Producer Kestrel shares the story of King Philip's War.

King Philip's War

In this piece, youth producer Kestrel talks about the less remembered history of Thanksgiving by sharing the story of King Philip's war. 


Siena and Me

Nina and Siena discuss the nuanced dynamics of their sibling relationship.

Thanksgiving hasn't always been about the turkey.

Thanksgiving Over Time

Youth Radio Producer Linnea Henrikson fills us in on the surprising history of Thanksgiving.

Not all turkeys end up on the dinner table.

Turkey Pardoning

Youth Producer  Nina Woerheide talks about the recently established American tradition of Presidential Turkey Pardoning.

Dreams can be interpreted in many ways.

Where Do Dreams Come From?

Linnea looks into the science of dreams, and how different cultures interpret them throughout history.

What is a dream?

What is a dream

Ellen looks into what dreams are.

Humans aren't the only animals that dream.

Dream Poetry

Youth Producer Nina Woerheide reads her poem about a bad dream.