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Youth Voices Stories

Lucid Dreaming

Lucy gives us the scoop on lucid dreaming.


Youth Producer Nina Woerheide asks - what are expectations for?

Father And Son

Nina Woerheide's radio drama shares her perspective on expectations and responsibilities.

Wage Gaps

Youth Producer Lucy Speaks with Molly Hicken & Jay Arrowsmith Decoux about gender pay gaps.

Germs On Money

Nina finds out whats lurking in the folds of your wallet!

Why are some careers deemed more important than others?

How we value careers

WTIP's Youth Producer Chloe Blackburn considers salaries for professional athletes and educators.

Ancient Currency

Wtip Youth Radio's Linnea, takes us on an exploration of ancient currencies!

Sometimes humans need to take flight.


Youth Producer Lucy Callender explores what flight means to her.


Hoverboards are here just in time! Youth Producer Doran Acero gives us the scoop.

Gliding through the sky...


Youth Producer Nina Woerheide shares an exciting poem inspired by flight.