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Anishinaabe Way: Ojibwe Shoulder Bags - Ms. Livingston's Third Grade, ISD 166

Bandolier Bag and Beads
Bandolier Bag and Beads

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The students in Ms. Livingston's 3rd Grade at Sawtooth Elementary School in Grand Marais are designing their own shoulder bags, which are in the Ojibwe tradition of beaded bandolier bags.

The class recently hosted two very special guests, Grand Portage elder Delma Grandlouis and Grand Portage bead artist Marcie McIntire. Marcie talked about the design and construction of bandolier bags and brought in two of her hand beaded bandolier bags for the children to see. In addition, Delma Grandlouis brought in a container of colorful trade beads that has been in her family for 200 years.

(Photo by Lorelei Livingston)