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Fish are biting on area lakes

WALLEYESReports are that the walleye fishing is picking up on the area lakes with most of the action shallow. Fatheads are the bait of choice this week if you want to catch fish. Leeches and crawlers are reporting some decent action but fatheads are the way to go.
Saganaga:  Check out shallow weed beds and reefs using a jig and minnow. 6-10 feet of water seems to be where they’re at. You can also find some walleyes schooling deep in about 55-60 feet of water but reports are that the fish, though more plentiful, are smaller. If you’ve got your border crossing permit the Canadian side is reporting action on leeches and crawlers.
Hungry Jack Lake: About 9-12 feet deep around weed beds will score some nice walleyes here. Jig and a fathead minnow is the bait of choice. Trolling rapalas may find you some fish as well.
Crescent Lake: Shallow is the key. 6-10 feet of water around weeds or rock piles. Jig and minnow. Some success is being had on leeches.
Devilfish Lake: Stay shallow here too. 8- 12 feet of water near rock piles. Again jig and minnow is the way to go though crawlers were reporting success as well. There is a mayfly hatch occurring on the lake so keep your eyes peeled for rising whitefish if you’re interested in a little fly fishing.          
LAKE TROUT Lakers are still hitting like gangbusters in the area lakes.
Saganaga: Try fishing in about 40 feet of water with jig and minnow. Look around rock ledges. They may be suspended so watch your fish finder to close in on the depth you should be fishing. Also success can be had with shad raps. The fish are so hungry right now if you tossed out a Cheeto on a number 4 hook you might just get something.
Daniels:  In 20-25 feet you can hook into some nice lakers. The old jig and minnow is bait of choice here. Trout Lake: Still reporting decent lake trout action in 30 feet or so. Jig and minnow.
Greenwood: 40 feet of water and a jig and minnow will find fish though this lake is so large that you can find the fish at various depths.
RAINBOW TROUTThe rainbow actionis great. Crawlers and spinners are producing plenty of fish in the area.
Leo Lake: Lots of action in about 15 feet of water. Crawler off the bottom should set you up nicely. Remember the fly rod too. Mink Lake: Great fishing and with a pier to fish from as well. This is a great lake for kids to fish and to have fun while doing it. Try a crawler off the bottom. You can toss a Mepps spinner too for a fun time. And don’t forget the fly rod.
Kimball Lake: Another nearby lake with great access and great rainbow action. Kimball has a walking path around the entire lake so this can also be a good one for the youngsters. Try a crawler off the bottom in 12 – 15 feet of water.
Trout Lake: Rainbow fishing here is on fire. 20 feet or so with a jig and crawler off the bottom should result in some nice fish. And (like a broken record) don’t forget the fly rod.
NORTHERNS the northern action is very good. Chances are if you’re searching for walleyes you’ll find the northerns too. Sag, Hungry Jack, Seagull, Northern Light are all hitting. Jigs and minnows, rapalas, spoons will all work on the hammer-handles. Loon Lake reported some very nice northern this past week. Stick to the shallow weed beds in all these lakes.
BROOK TROUT -- For those who love brookie fishing, here’s a couple of lakes to try but these fisherman rarely give up their nicest lakes.
Carrot Lake: Almost always a good brookie lake. Try 12-15 feet of water with a crawler off the bottom. And don’t forget the fly rod.
Loft Lake: Tiny lake that you’ll probably have to yourself if you’re the first one there. Try 15 to 18 feet of water with a crawler off the bottom. I’ve had good luck with Mepps spinners here too. Oh, did we mention -- don’t forget the fly rod?