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Friday Fish Report, August 10

Rainbow trout
Rainbow trout

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Well, the old fisherman is taking some time off. He says he’s got this whole existential angst thing going around what’s the meaning of life. And, what does fishing really mean? So, he’s off to do some study of Jean Paul Sarte  and Soren Kierkegaard. He’s also looking into the amorality of the world as contrasted with a karmic approach to see if a new world-view can help his fill his boat’s fishing well. He always has been somewhat of an absurdist…
And now for the Friday Fish Report. Jon Muhich at Buck’s Hardware wants to know…just where are the fish anyway? He says, try the water first and that’ll be a good start.
As far as walleyes go, it’s kinda sluggish. It seems to be the ol’ evening and early morning bits. Leeches and crawlers seem to be popular, but some of the dedicated minnow-baiters are making a comeback. Perhaps, some of the lakes are starting to cool a bit.
Devilfish Lake is good in 12 to 15 or 22 to 30 feet of water. The bass are also on a roll so bring your bassin’ gear in the daytime in case the going gets slow.
Two Island Lake has reports of some walleye action in 10 to 15 feet. Elbow also has a few biting. Keep your eyes out for Northerns here as some decent hammer-handle action is also reported.
Lake Superior is still giving up Salmon and Lake Trout around 120 feet. You might try experimenting with the depths, though. Smallies are hitting on everything so have some fun, maybe with an ultra-lite fly rod.
So that’s it for this week. The old fisherman will be back when he has his world-view sorted out.
Remember to keep your Plano organized, your marabou fluffed and your Stren stretched!

(The audio edition of The Friday Fish Report is presented by Sherrie Lindskog.)