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Friday Fish Report for May 25

Vintage lures
Vintage lures

According to our fishing expert Jon Muhich of Buck’s Hardware, trout, trout, trout was the word heard the most this past week.

Walleyes are starting to pick up a little but the best action was trout. For this upcoming holiday weekend it could be wet, but who knows?

Leeches seem to have taken over the top spot as bait, but still take along some minnows to balance everything out.

Two Island Lake showed some promise this week using leeches on a live rig drifting from 4 to 12 feet of water. Trolling also produced some Northerns using spoons and/or Rapalas.

Homer Lake, though it was slow had some nice eaters to be had. Jigging in 8 to 15 feet or even a slip bobber rigged with leeches or minnows was the method some were using. Loon Lake was producing nice Lake trout. Slow trolling in 20 feet or less as they’re still up and gettable. Trout Lake’s rainbows and lakers were on this week with crawlers and minnows in 15 to 25 feet.

If you want to shoot on over to Musquash Lake the splake were doing well in 12 to 18 feet using slip bobber and a crawler. Also some were casting spinners and Swedish Pimples. For some splake or brookies, head up to Shoe Lake and put in a canoe. Troll around and see what pops up. Besides, it’s a nice paddle.