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Gus' Wild Side

Wolf Pups on Shoe Lake Road by Travis Novitsky

Gus is a regular commentator on WTIP's Lake County Journal program. His "Wild Side" airs on Lake County Journal once a month on the fourth Thursday.

What's On:

Gus' Wild Side: Wolves I've known

Gus relates several of his memorable encounters with wolves in this edition of


Gus' Wild Side: Unruly Pond Hockey

Gus remembers winter pond hockey played with friends and neighbors along the Drummond Grade in Lake County.


Gus' Wild Side: Walking on Water

Take a walk on a frozen stream in mid winter with Gus and his dog, Maggie.

John Dillinger

Gus' Wild Side: The Good Side of a Gangster

Gus recalls his grandparents' story of a possible encounter with John Dillinger.

Mt. Holmes

Gus' Wild Side: Life at the top of Mt. Holmes

Gus has spent time working as a park ranger in Yellowstone National Park. Here he tells us about some of his experiences living remotely in a fire look-out cabin.

Gus' Wild Side: A favorite uncle, pro wrestling and trout fishing

Gus remembers a favorite uncle who loved trout fishing and pro wrestling.

Dunraven Pass and Mount Washburn

Gus' Wild Side: Yellowstone Stories

Gus relates experiences while working as a park ranger in Yellowstone National Park.

Gus' Wild Side: In Search of Quiet

Gus explores the importance of quiet in his life - and explains that finding quiet can often be difficult.

Barred Owl

Gus' Wild Side: Encounters with an Owl

Gus recounts a special encounter with a barred owl while paddling a northern Wisconsin river.


Gus's Wild Side: Wolverines

Gus tells us about his experience with - and thoughts about - the wolverine.