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ISD166 board to take 4-day vote, adopt fees

Cook County Schools campus
Cook County Schools campus

The ISD166 school board will first discuss adopting a 4-day school week at a special meeting Wednesday afternoon, then act on the issue at their regular board meeting later that evening. Adoption of the new schedule is not a foregone conclusion, especially in light of what is certain to be a vote in favor of running an operating referendum this fall.
Many participants at the District’s 4-day information sessions felt adopting a new schedule before running a referendum was akin to putting the cart before the horse.
As it stands, the referendum would generate operating funds based upon raising an additional $595 per pupil unit through an increase in taxes on residential homesteads, apartments and commercial-industrial properties. For example a taxable market value of $150,000 would add $92 to the property tax bill and $306 to a $500,000 property. If the referendum passes, the district would still be running an average deficit of $68,000 per school year.
The board will also act on new fees for the high school. Athletic events will remain the same and there will be no change in breakfast and lunch fees. Middle school-high school participation fees will increase -- $20 for the middle school, $25 for high school. Season passes will also increase.
New fees are proposed for band instrument rental, art materials, parking permits as well as technology fees in both the middle and high schools.