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Local Fish Report: August 24


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 The Old Fisherman left us a note this morning saying that in the midst of the early morning lightning flashes, he decided he’s had enough of the existential angst issue. So, he’s on his way to his favorite fishing spot and probably is out on the water right now since the storms have ended. His note said he’ll be back next Friday morning. He did leave us the local fish report compiled by John Muhich (MEW itch) at Buck’s Hardware in Grand Marais.
It looks as if we’re moving into the stretch run of August...the humidity is waning a bit and nights are good for sleeping.
Over at Homer Lake, the walleyes were hitting in the 14- to 19-foot range off the boulders. Worms and leeches on jigs and rigs seemed to work pretty well. Off the weed edge, the smallies were active on spinners. Some were “plugging” when they found calm water. Fly rods CAN be fun.
Muskies in Lichen Lake sound like an interesting afternoon. The walleyes in Lichen also would be worth the trip if they’re hitting. Some of the fish are hitting in eight to 14 feet of water on trolled Rapalas and live rigs with leeches and crawlers.
Cascade Lake is good in the evenings and mornings. Minnows and leeches with jigs in 10 to 14 feet or so are working well. The slip bobbers were coming out in the evening for a number of folks.
And, how about trout. Rainbows in Trout Lake were hitting in 20 feet or so on minnows and crawlers. Lakers also were hitting down deep. Try jigging spoons and jigs.
Leo Lake Rainbows were hitting in 16 to 23 feet using crawlers and jigs. Walleyes were also hitting in the morning and evening in eight to 12 feet with minnows and crawlers.
Well, there’s the Friday Fish Report. The Old Fisherman is back out in his element and no doubt having a great time. He’ll be back in with us next Friday morning. 
Until then, keep your Plano organized, your maribou fluffed and your Stren stretched!