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Local Fish Report for Friday, July 22

Fishing rig
Fishing rig

According to our fishing expert Jon Muhich of Buck’s Hardware, it’s been hot and humid – and word is that even the fish think it’s a tad muggy out there.

At Seagull Lake walleyes can be had but it’s a pretty tough go. Twenty feet of water still fishing with leeches. Up at Sag the surface temps have been around 70 degrees and that’s slowing down bobber fishing. It’s tough to find the right temps for the walleyes.

Tough fishing on a lot of the smaller lakes but early morning and late evening people are getting a few as they are still coming in at night to around 10 or 12 feet. Leeches or crawlers would be the bait of choice.

There’s some laker action on Sag. Up in cash Bay, between Spam Island and American Point they were fishing 50 to 60 feet using spoons and deep running lures. Purple and silver were the choicest colors for one group.

Smallies are still doing fine. A 21” smallmouth was caught on Hungry Jack a few days ago.

Both rainbow and brook trout are hitting on flies. Crawlers will work too but better action seems to be with flies.