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Local fish report for Friday, October 4


According to our fishing expert John Muhich at Buck’s Hardware, the stream trout and laker season is over, which leaves the big three until ice-up.

The 2013 stream fishing season ended on the last day of September. Now we’ll have to wait for spring to once again test ourselves against the crafty brookie or rainbow. We still have the trout lakes to fish until the end of October…but lake trout season also ended on September 30. So, it’s walleyes, northerns, and perch from now on.

We’re hearing stories about Homer, Lichen, Two Island and Poplar lakes. Hungry Jack and Seagull are producing a few as well.

As far as grouse hunting goes, lots of hunters on the road and lots of grousing from hunters about a lack of birds out there. The birds are there. But in the woods, not on the road.