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Local fish report for Friday, September 7


According to our fishing expert Jon Muhich of Buck’s Hardware, walleyes and smallies are where the action is.

Walleyes in McFarland Lake were active in the 12 to 20 foot range. Crawler rigs and jigs tipped with crawlers were the bait of choice as they trolled along weed edges.

East Twin showed a little promise fishing with jigs and minnows in 8 to 15 feet and Devil Track was still showing some signs of life as people were trolling with Rapalas in 10 to 15 feet.

The smallmouth bass are doing well in Devil Track so be ready for that action. Hungry Jack showed promise with smallies in 10 to 15 feet with crawlers and bobbers as well as some spinning action.

Lake Superior has calmed a little from the previous weeks but some salmon are still being caught, though most of the action is for Lake Trout.