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Local Fish Report

Walleye image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

There are lots fish in Cook County lakes – the trick is to know where they are and how to catch them. WTIP wants to help fill out your stringer by posting a weekly report on what’s biting and where. 

Tune in to DayBreak every Friday morning from 7 to 8 a.m. for the latest report.

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Friday Fish Report for May 18

According to our fishing expert Jon Muhich of Buck’s Hardware, there were mixed reports on how the walleye opener went for some anglers.

Saturday was a little rough, carried better reports from those who went out in the evening and at night.

The more successful walleye fisherman seemed to have a theme of the right temperature running through their stories. Nothing over twelve feet and as shallow as three.

Crescent Lake was showing success both slow trolling with Raps or live rigs. Some sat and jigged once they found the fish and 8 to 12 feet seemed to be the norm. Minnows for most of the Crescent fisherman but for the rest of the lakes, leeches were more successful – for example, Ball Club and Devilfish.

Perch were active on Elbow and trolling for northerns on Northern Light was productive.

And for those of you looking for some good rainbow action, Leo Lake had people limiting out over the weekend. Also, some nice walleyes and good size bass were available at Hungry Jack Lake.

For those of you interested in lake trout they’re not deep yet so head to your favorite spot and start trolling with some spoons.

Remember, the fish are shallow right now and temperature sensitive so you might want to grab both minnows and leeches as both are showing success


Jig Twister

Local fish report for Friday, March 16

According to our fishing expert Jon Muhich at Buck’s Hardware, warm weather is taking its toll on lake ice.

There is melt water everywhere so be prepared to have wet feet. Ice is still plentiful for now but be aware of problems possibly cropping up. There are a few people still heading out. Although they only caught about four fish at last weekend’s fish contest at West Bearskin, others reported a little better luck. Most were dropping down spoons with ciscoes or minnows in 35 to 50 feet.

Moss Lake had a bit of action along with the slush. Try minnows down from 25 to 40 feet. It’s slowed a bit at Mink and Kimball but at least they’re close to town. Preserved minnows and waxies off the bottom might be your best choice.

As we near the end of the ice fishing season, remember to be careful as the ice disappears. It’s gonna be warm for the rest of the week, so bring on spring!



Local Fish Report for Friday, March 2

According to our fishing expert Jon Muhich at Buck’s Hardware, says now that the walleye season is over, anglers are turning to trout.

Lakers are hitting in a few area lakes. Clearwater was giving up a few in 50 feet or so using minnows and jigs or spoons just off the bottom. Saganaga also reported decent action from 45 to as deep as 80 feet. The fish were suspended in the greater depths. Kemo reported fish in 50 feet or so. Off the bottom, they were using jigs and minnows.

For Splake Musquash is still pretty hot, 15 to 18 feet using waxies and ice jigs or small spoons and minnow heads. Both Trestle Pine and Pine Mountain lakes were also giving up a few fish in 12 to 18 feet using waxies and salted minnows with spoons.

And don’t forget Trout Lake, always a nice place to check out for both rainbows and lakers.


Rainbow trout

Local Fish Report for Friday, Feb. 24

According to our fishing expert Jon Muhich at Buck’s Hardware, reports keep coming in indicating that people are getting fish.

Lake trout are still hitting out there and people are using a variety of bait. Greenwood reports action in 40 to 55 feet. Use jigs and spoons with ciscoes. Some were having decent luck with rainbow chubs too.

Daniels and Duncan were doing pretty well though the fish were small. Over at East and West Bearskin Lakes, some were down in 60 to 80 feet of water but fish were suspended just under the ice. Spoons and jigs with chubs and ciscoes. Gunflint was also giving up a few Lakers. Various depths from 60 to 100 feet though the fish were suspended.

At Thrasher and Musquash Lakes the splake were a little slow. Try from 4 to 12 feet in Thrasher with waxies. In Musquash try a little deeper, 12 to 18 feet also using waxies.

Really good reports of brookie action in about 15 feet of water in BWCAW lakes. Both Bat and Powell Lakes received special mention.


Ice fishing kit

Local Fish Report for Friday, Feb. 10

According to our fishing expert Jon Muhich, the weather’s been good, but fishing is a little slow.

The weather has cooperated quite well lately and there’s plenty of fisherman going out but there has been some whining about a slowdown in the fishing.

Lake trout were hitting on Sag this week in 50 to 65 feet using rainbow chubs and ciscoes with spoons and jigs. Most reports said they were suspended up the column. Walleye luck was intermittent using twisters and jigging raps in 30 to 40 feet. But remember its Sag and talking to the residents up there will give you more current information.

Greenwood lakers were still fairly active. Some were deeper than 60 feet using spoons and ciscoes. Birch Lake also reported nice laker action in 50 feet where the fish were suspended at 25 feet. Try a beaded hook with a minnow or cisco.
Splake were also hitting in 15 feet on jigs and spoons tipped with minnow heads.

Speaking of splake Thrasher Lake was giving up a few last week. Ice flies and waxies or minnow heads in 8 to 18 feet of water. Mink had slowed a bit but it’s so convenient it’s always worth a shot. As is Trout Lake.


Walleye close-up and personal

Local Fishing Report for Friday, Feb. 3

According to our fishing expert John Muhich at Buck’s Hardware, this week has seen a return to some walleye action.

Homer Lake was doing OK in 15 to 23 feet jigging with Rapalas or Swedish Pimples tipped with a minnow head. Binigami Lake was giving up fish in 12 to 16 feet with a jig and minnow. Cascade was also doing pretty well in 15 feet with a jig or Pimple and minnows. Crocodile Lake had walleye action in 12 to 16 feet with jigs and minnows.

Lake trout were hitting in Greenwood at various depths. One group was fishing in about 35 or 40 feet with silver spoons and minnows or ciscoes. Others were much deeper, they were in 60 feet or so but the fish were suspended at about 35 feet.

Duncan Lake was reporting fish in 25 to 38 feet using spoons mostly. Moss Lake is doing well. Fish in the 22 to 35 foot range out a bit deeper. Jigs and minnows or spoons with minnows or ciscoes seemed to be the ticket.

Splake are still going strong in Musquash Lake. Waxies and minnow heads on ice flies and small spoons in 6 to 16 feet. Bogus Lake reported a little action on the splake as well. Waxies with ice flies were the bait chosen most frequently. Esther Lake’s action was fairly shallow, 6 to ten feet with Pimples and minnow heads or waxies.

Rainbow action in Muckwa Lake was decent too. In 12 to 18 feet they were using jigs and spoons with minnows. Trout Lake and Kimball were doing well in 8 to 18 feet. Waxies on a jig or small spoon was recommended.


Lake trout

Local Fish Report for Jan. 27

According to our fishing expert Jon Muhich of Buck’s Hardware, fishing is picking up.

Lake trout action has been pretty decent overall. On Kemo Lake, lakers were biting ferociously. People were catching in 5 feet of water as well as 20 to 30 feet using minnows and jigs or spoons.

Over at Greenwood action was good but quite a number of small ones. They used spoons tipped with minnows or ciscoes fishing anywhere from 25 feet to 55 feet. Lakers were suspended.

Up at Moss action in 15 feet to 35 feet using jigs and minnows. And finally up at Sag the lakers were in 35 to 60 feet of water with the fish suspended. They were using jigs and spoons with minnows and ciscoes.

The splake have also been biting. Pine Mountain Lake, Mink, Shoe, and Esther lakes are giving up some nice fish. Most are fishing in the 8 to 18 foot range. Ice jigs and waxies are the most common method being used. Some very nice splake are being caught.

Rainbow action on Kimball and Trout lakes is picking up a bit. Try from 8 to 15 feet or so with jigs and waxies (minnows and waxies on Trout Lake). Leo Lake is reporting hot action on the rainbows. Use waxies in 20 feet or so.

If northerns are your style, East Twin, Devil Track, Homer and Pike lakes seem to be doing fine. Drop a sucker minnow in 6 to 15 feet and you just might get lucky.

And finally, not much word about walleyes. Most are heading up to Sag and Seagull lakes with a jig and minnow in the 23 to 35 foot range up there, suspended. A few people were using jigging raps too.

Some were catching a few in Cascade in 25 feet or so but the perch were hitting better a little shallower.



Local Fish Report for Friday, Jan. 20 -- Trout!

According to our fishing expert Jon Muhich of Buck’s Hardware, the Non-BWCAW trout opener brought out a lot of anglers.

Some trout fishermen were reeling in a few fish. Over in Birch Lake the splake were pretty nice. Not a bunch but as usual in Birch, some really nice ones. They were hitting in 8 to 15 feet of water though the fish were suspended about 4 feet beneath the ice.

Other lakes are hitting as well. Word on Musquash was there were so many people that the actual ice fishing was nearly an afterthought. People did get fish however. Depths were from about 6 feet to 18 feet or so -- waxies being the bait of choice. Trestle Pine reported action on both rainbows and splake…jigs and waxies in 8 to 10 feet.

Kimball and Mink were a little slow over the weekend but most were fishing in 12 to 20 feet of water. Bring your waxies along. While you’re out that way you might want to hit Trout Lake. The lakers were suspended in 50 to 55 feet of water and the rainbows were shallower in 8 to 16 feet or less. Both minnows and waxies were being used.

And walleyes? Well, most people were fishing trout.


Brook trout

Local Fish Report for Friday, Jan. 13

According to our fishing expert Jon Muhich of Buck’s Hardware, the trout opener is just around the corner.

Coming up on the 14th is the big trout opener outside the Boundary Waters. Plenty of anglers will be heading up to their favorite rainbow, splake or brookie lake.

If you’re wondering about a few to try, one can check out Trout Lake, Musquash, Leo, Mink, Moss and Esther lakes.

As for walleyes this past wee, Elbow was still producing a few along with some perch. A jig and minnow was the lure of choice. Devil Track was also faring well.

Up on East Twin people were catching fish in twelve to 15 feet or so with jig and minnow. Hungry Jack is doing fine on walleyes in 15 to 20 feet or so and the northerns were also biting. We also heard about some luck on Caribou Lake in 12 feet or so.


Ice fishing spring bobber

Local Fish Report for January 6, 2012

According to our fishing expert Jon Muhich of Buck’s Hardware, ice fishing has started out at a crawl.

The walleyes have been tough unless you head to places like Deeryard, Elbow, or Devilfish lakes where you have to sift through a bunch to keep one or two fifteen inchers. Hungry Jack was reporting good action at about 20 to 25 feet last week. The bigger lakes like Gunflint, Sag, and Seagull are iffy for ice. Should give a call up the trail to get the best and most current ice conditions.

Lake trout opened this past weekend and more than a few anglers traveled up to Daniels and Duncan. Lotsa little ones. South Lake produced a bit better if you want to make the trek. Otherwise the major trout season opens in a couple of weeks. Trout outside of the Boundary Waters is when the fun begins… splake, brookies.

Best odds might be dropping a sucker minnow down to pick up northerns that are lurking. Quite a few people have been doing well. Devil Track was giving up a few snakes as was Crescent and East Twin.