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Local Fishing Report for Feb. 11

Splake on ice/Google Images
Splake on ice/Google Images

Our fishing expert, Jon Muhich of Buck’s Hardware, says you’ll have to weather the cold only for a little while longer as the weathermen say were due for a nice warm up at the end of the week. Could last 7 to 10 days…wouldn’t that be nice.

A very nice SPLAKE was caught by a young angler in Birch Lake the other day. It was 20 ½” long and weighed nearly 3 pounds. He reported that he “was jigging and jigging. And he kept on jigging.” He didn’t say how deep he was fishing in all the excitement but we think he was using a chub with that jig.

Also producing SPLAKE was Mink Lake in about 12 to 15 feet with a jig or small spoon and waxies. Some were using preserved minnows. SPLAKE on Leo are still hitting in that same range -- 12 to 15 feet using waxies or salted minnows.

Daniels and Duncan reported little action but some nice size LAKE TROUT down in 40 to 50 feet of water. Try spoons and a rainbow chub. Moss was also reporting action, down deep off the bottom.

If you’re looking for some BROOKIE action, it’s worth another mention about the very accessible Shoe Lake and Carrot Lake. Waxies with ice jigs should do it. Bring the small silver spoons just in case.

If WALLEYES are on your mind you can try Crescent or Caribou as we’ve heard of a little success out there. Jig fairly deep, 25 to 35 feet with a jigging rap and tipped with a chub head.

That’s about all for this week except for this: slush is everywhere. It will get much worse with next week’s warm-up so be prepared.