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Magnetic North

Vicki with her angora rabbit, Peaches

Vicki Biggs-Anderson
Vicki lives  on a 100-year-old homestead in Colvill that she and her late husband, Paul moved to from the Twin Cities 23 years ago.
She shares this special place with five cashmere and milk goats,  a dozen-plus laying hens, three talkative geese an assortment of wild and domestic ducks, six angora rabbits, a house cat , a yellow Lab and a rescue retriever/kangaroo and one very spoiled Bourbon Red turkey.
When not feeding, chasing or changing "sheets" for all of the above, Vicki writes, volunteers, knits, wanders the woods, balances rocks and, "when a fit of discipline strikes," dives into her decade of weekly columns for the old News-Herald in search of a book or screenplay or, more like, a sit-com.  Listen at your convenience by subscribing to a podcast.

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What's On:
Bosco eating around the snow on Vicki's homestead

Magnetic North: Snow happens - so do joy first

Welcome back to Magnetic North, a place still thawing out after the longest winter in living memory. At least at this house. Where snow is now just another four-letter word.

Old Shed

Magnetic North: Letting Go Time Of Year

Welcome back to Magnetic North, where winter is loosening her grip, often with unintended consequences. It’s true.

Full Moon

Magnetic North: Moonstruck By Spring

Welcome back to Magnetic North, where the color white still dominates the ground around us, reflecting the sun and moon even as it melts quietly into springtime.

Goats and Chickens

Magnetic North: Death By Hanging Basket

Winter was hungrier than usual this year. Our well-stocked woodshed is nearly bare. So too the hay storage garage.

Red Fox

Laughs, Lies and Pillowcases: My Winter Toolbox

Welcome back to Magnetic North, where we ricochet between spring mush and winter ice within the space of a long weekend. I prefer mush.

Icy Door (by WindRanch on Flickr)

Magnetic North: Ice Follies Are Us

Welcome back to Magnetic North, where ice follies of all variety are played out on a daily - and nightly - basis.

Goat by abejorro34 on Flickr

Magnetic North: Hard To Get Away

 Welcome back to Magnetic North, where the skies are full of wonder - and I’m not just talking Santa here.


Magnetic North: Stood Up But Willing To Forgive

 Welcome back to Magnetic North, where it appears we’ve been stood up. By winter, of all things.


Boiling Water

Magnetic North: Right Of Passage--Boiling Bear Bait

 Welcome back to Magnetic North, where the end of summer means much the same work as in the suburbs: stacking wo


Magnetic North: Going To Seed

Welcome back to Magnetic North, a place of beauty that frankly looks a bit seedy nowadays.