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Sunrise west harbor  from the Sunrise Series by Stephan Hoglund

Chel Anderson
Chel Anderson is a botanist and plant ecologist. She lives in the Hovland area and keeps close tabs on daily changes happening in the great outdoors. She shares her insights with WTIP listeners every Tuesday during North Shore Morning and North Shore Digest.  Subscribe to our North Woods Naturalist podcast.

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What's On:
Solitary sandpiper. Photo: Joel deYoung

A northern shore bird visitor: solitary sandpiper

A shore bird that’s often hard to spot as it makes it way through our part of the world. WTIP’s Jay Andersen talks with Chel Andersen about solitary sandpipers .

Northern shrike

The hunting songbird: northern shrike

The northern shrike spends most of it’s time farther north, but it drops in during winter and early spring. WTIP’s Jay Andersen talks with Chel Andersen about this hunting anomaly .

Raven. photo - NY Times

Ravens...they're with us year 'round

One of our most interesting and adaptable birds is also one of the most commonly found here in the Northland. WTIP’s Jay Andersen talks with Chel Andersen about ravens.

Winter forest

Have there really been other Springs like this?

Spring so far this year has been elusive to say the least. WTIP’s Jay Andersen talks with Chel about where this year stacks up with previous springtimes.

Hoar frost

Hoar frost; the feathery ice that covers everything

This has been a particularly notable winter for hoar frost. WTIP’s Jay Andersen talks with Chel Anderson about these feathery phenomena.

Lichens on rock

Lichens are two plants in one

The North Shore has plenty of lichens, but you may not recognize them as such and you may not know a very interesting fact about them.

Northern goshawk. Photo - Flickr

Fast and relentless: the northern goshawk

They’re fast, agile and relentless hunters of the forest. WTIP’s Jay Andersen talks with naturalist Chel Anderson about northern goshawks.

Winter light

Changing light changes the natural world

As we edge ever closer to spring, the light changes in our natural world.


Redpolls returning to your feeders

Flocks of redpolls usually come down from their northern breeding grounds to visit our feeders every winter.

Short tailed shrew

Voracious eaters: short tailed shrews

They’re small, fast and can be a big help to gardeners. WTIP’s Jay Andersen talks with naturalist Chel Anderson about short tailed shrews.