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Nosey Rosey July 17

It’s chippie chasing time for Nosey Rosey!
It’s chippie chasing time for Nosey Rosey!

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Aaahhh-Rooooo! This is Nosey Rosey on WTIP comyooonity radio. I am SO excited! I finally got a haircut so I’m looking as smooooth and sleek as I feel. When my hair gets long you humans say things like, (snotty) “I see Rosey didn’t miss too many meals this winter.” 

Or, “Looks like Rosey has been lying in the sun too much this summer.” I am NOT fat, thank you… It’s just my fur that makes me look that way. And it’s really hot too! Hrrrumph! So hello warm summer days and goodbye to fur. I like getting a shave. I kinda like that hummy feel of the clipper while my hair hits the floor too. It makes me sleeeeeepy. Hmmmmrrrrrrmmmm  Snoooorre.   

 Ahh to be cool and svelte-- summer must really be here.

I’ve been swimming off the dock and chasing squirrels and…  Squirrels!? Ruff Rufff Rufff Where did he go????  oh…   Sorry…

Humans are having all kinds of fun up the Gunflint Trail this summer. The Chik-Wauk Museum and Nature Center is open now and visitors really enjoy the displays, the buildings, the trails and learning about the history of the Gunflint Trail. Even townsfolk will find it worth their time to make a drive the end of the Trail for a look-see. I think you’ll like it. Of course I can’t even get in… but I hear it’s very nice. So when was the last time you drove to the end of the Trail? Hmmmm??

I have been seeing lots of foxes along the Trail and on our road. There’s this one Todd with a really fluffy tail and dark stripes on his sides! Aahh Roooo! He is so hunky. Ahh ya... Well…The kits are pretty cute too and they like to play in the road early in the morning when it’s warm from the sun the day before. Give ‘em a brake if you’re driving up the Trail. They’re really fun to watch and they sure aren’t watching out for your car. 

There are two loon pairs with babies on Hungry Jack Lake. One is a loon who’s been hooting that forlorn loon hoot with a little extra teenager crack in his voice for many years. He finally got a mate this year despite his less-than-beautiful voice. Well, they have a baby and the little family hangs out in the bay right near our house eating crayfish and minnows. 

There’s an eagle trying to nab that baby loon Grrrrrrrrrr! but the parents keep a pretty close eye on the little fluffball and make quite a fuss whenever the eagle comes around.  Ruff Rufff!

We also had a lady from Kansas City who caught a northern pike as big as her leg on  I…  Oohhh, I better not say what lake. Let’s just say it was a mid-Trail lake.  She was pretty excited about it, giddy ya might say.  Her husband just shrugged his shoulders and said, “She always catches the fish. I don’t know why I get a license.”

Blooooooooooo berries!   Bloooooooo berries!  The bloooooo berries are big and ripe and plentiful.  Rrrrrrrrufff!  The bears like the blueberries too.  My friend Denali had a “Blueberries for Sal” experience on the Centennial Trail last week. She was snuffling along helping her mom pick berries when there was a bear right there…   practically nose to nose with her! So Denali Woofed at the bear who had the good sense to run the other way. Denali also had the good sense to run between her mom’s legs before doing anything else too.

Before I run off and chase that Baaaaad ole Squirrell, I need to mention that it was pledge week at WTIP. Where else are you going to hear little ole me with the news from 16 inches off the ground?  Hmmm? NO PLACE! That’s where. 

This is WTIP comyoooonity radio where even dogs get to be heard. Bark Bark! WTIP is unique and unusual and fun and helps bind our comyoonity together. And we all know there’s no such thing as free lunch – unless you’re a dog. Hee Hee Hee. So if you want to help take a bite outta the budget for the humans here at WTIP, you just give a call right now and say Rosey sent you. And if you want to drop off some treats I wouldn’t mind a bit. Bark Bark!  

Thanks for supporting your station and this commyoonity!

Come on up the Gunflint Trail, pick some berries, wet a line, go for a paddle, visit the museum or just watch those cyoooote foxes!

This is Nosey Rosey signing off for WTIP. Bark Bark!

Airdate: July 17, 2010