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Nosey Rosey November 12


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Aaah-ROOOOooooo! This is Nosey Rosey for WTIP comyooonitee radio. It’s been a beautiful week on the Gunflint Trail, all warm and sunny and not very windy and kinda humid in the morning and the air smells really nice – a little bit more like spring than fall in fact. I should be taking naps in the sun but I can’t help chasing birds and squirrels ‘cuz it’s HUNTING SEASON!

Ooooo, I just get so excited whenever dad gets out the projectile weapons! I love everything that goes bang and even the THWACK of a bowstring just sends me darn near over the edge.  

Dad says I go ap-o-plep-tic when he shoots his bow. I’m sure that means something really good ‘cuz he smiles and shakes his head every time he says it. Eventually he shoves me in the house when I can’t stop barking after every shot. I’m not really sure why I do it but it’s JUST SO EXCITING! BARK BARK BARK BARK!

Okay, deep breath… exhale… 

There are a few folks out hunting deer around the Gunflint Trail these days. Some of them have already got their deer and had to get back to work. (sniff) Some folks are looking for Buck-zilla and some are just enjoying the warm weather and taking naps in the sun (inhale -sigh).

I don’t have any great big deer hunting fiascos to share, but people are hearing wolves howling early in the morning and late in the day. There are several wolf packs around the Trail right now, mainly in the Gunflint Lake and Round Lake area.

My friend Denali actually got into a little scuffle with one of them. She wasn’t really sure if it was a fight or just playing ‘cuz nobody even got a scratch. When Denali’s mom and dad called to her she was more than happy to tuck tail and come with them. Funny thing was the wolf ran right along with her like she was saying, “Wow, that was really fun -  What’s next? Do we get to have a sleepover now?” Then the wolf realized – “Whoa! Those are HUMANS! What am I thinking?”

The same wolf has been skulking around the buildings at Tuscarora Lodge but doesn’t seem very threatening. I think she just wants to play.

That pack behavior stuff can be pretty brutal. I don’t imagine it’s very fun being the lone wolf trying to find a new pack to hang with. It’s not like they can go on Facebook and see who likes them or ask to be friended. 

The wolves certainly have their friends and emenies in the human crowd. Some say, “There’s too many wolves and we should get rid of ‘em!” But I hear more people saying, “There’s too many deer and we’re glad to see the wolves helping with the problem.”

Nature has her way of evening the teams. Everything works out if you just leave it be and give it time. 

I need to learn to be more patient too. I start spinning about the same time every day. Here’s the deal: I spin in the morning and they feed me. Then in the afternoon I spin around for a bout an hour…  and as long as I don’t bark - they feed me some more!  I guess the afternoon food needs extra spinning for some reason.

I spin – they feed. That’s the dealy-o. 

WELL! It seems there’s this time change thing that happened last weekend! So I did my usual, get up, spin, eat thing in the morning. All fine. I could tell I was a little more hungry than usual but that happens. My humans are very predictable. They get up pretty much the same time every day. My tummy tells me so.

So later my tummy tells me it’s time to start the afternoon spinning session and they get all over my case. “NO Rosey! Not yet.” I figgur I’ll just keep spinning, stand expectantly by the bowl, maybe even whiiiine just a weee bit.

“No!” They come down on me! “Be patient! It’s not dinnertime,” they say. “In the fall we change the clocks back, you’ll have to wait.”

I keep spinning.

See… This is why dogs have no sense of the passage of time. Time gets in the way of food. I’m hungry. Feed me. How hard is that?

Finally, after an extra hour of spinning I’m just about dizzy enough to puke. Eventually they put out the kibble. I was so excited I really wolfed it down and… well… I did puke. But that’s ok! Waste not, want not. That’s what I always say.

Why was I telling you this? 

Oh yes! Daylight savings time is a bad idea. No, that’s not it. Time is a bad idea - for dogs anyway.  No, not that either.

Oh yeah! It’s another example of how things always work out if you just give them enough time. Patience is a virtue. That’s it!  Whether you’re a hungry dog, a deer hunter, or lonely wolf; time is on your side. 

This is Nosey Rosey for WTIP comyooonitee radio. Till next time – Bark Bark!