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Programming Schedule for Monday, March 4

6 AM – “Swing Session” –WTIP Host Bill Burkhardt brings you an hour of Swing music from the Big Band Era.
7 AM – “DayBreak” –The hosts of “DayBreak,” Jay Andersen and Matthew Brown, start your day with news, weather, sports, business news, features and interviews.
8 AM – “AM Community Calendar” –Join hosts Ann Possis and Jana Berka for two hours of interviews with community movers and shakers, weather, news, music and features.
10 AM – “Sidetracks”– Matthew Brown brings you two great hours of music on Sidetracks. It’s a daily dose of anything goes in music—spinning tunes from a wide variety of genres including rock, world, jazz, classic, country, R&B, ska, mariachi and who knows what else!
1 PM – “UnderCurrents”– “UnderCurrents” provides two hours of “American Music With A Passport.” Host Gregg McVicar spins your past and future favorites in rock, blues, folk, Native, Americana, funk, reggae and more.
2 PM – “The World Café”– Host David Dye brings you two hours of live performance and interviews featuring music and conversation from a variety of contemporary musicians.
4 PM – “First Nations Time” –WTIP Hosts Lil Fisher and John Morrin bring you an hour of contemporary and traditional music featuring Native American performers.
5 PM – “PM Community Calendar”– Join WTIP hosts  for an hour of local news, weather, events, and features.
6 PM – “National Native News” –We go to Native Voice 1 for the latest in news from North America’s Native community.
6:07 PM – “As It Happens” –We go North of the Border for an hour of Canadian news, commentary and humor from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
7 PM – “The Vinyl Cafe”— This hour-long radio drama and variety show is hosted Stuart McLean, who is known throughout Canada for his stories about Dave, owner of The Vinyl Café record store. The show also features musical performances and slice-of-life stories from listeners.
8 PM – “Monday Night Mix” –Host Tracy Benson is in the studio this week, spinning her own eclectic musical tastes from a variety of genres.
10 PM – “Mountain Stage” – Hosted by Larry Groce, Mountain Stage features live performances by new and established artists. You’ll hear some of the best in folk and related music played by some of the best contemporary musicians.
Midnight – “UnderCurrents” –Gregg McVicar is back with seven hours of “American Music With A Passport,” spinning your past and future favorites in rock, blues, folk, Native, Americana, funk, reggae and more.