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Public Service Announcements on WTIP

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are used at WTIP to inform the public of community events and activities. They are generally 10-15 seconds in length and are read live during news and information programs, as well as listed on WTIP’s website.
Submit an Event
To submit a PSA, please e-mail the following information to
Name of event
Your organization
Date, time, and location
Is the event free? If not, who do the proceeds benefit?
Contact information, including phone, e-mail, and/or website
Please note: To insure broad representation of community events, the number of PSAs per organization may be limited at WTIP staff discretion. PSAs are generally used for non-profit organizations, but staff may choose to include music, classes, or arts PSAs that could be considered educational or entertainment even if sponsored by a for-profit business if the event is free of charge or if staff considers it in the best interest of the community.  Interviews and public service announcements for for-profit events are left to the discretion of staff.  Music events will be listed on the music calendar.  For-profit organizations and businesses that charge a fee or cover charge also have the opportunity to purchase underwriting spots for the event.