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School News


School News is a WTIP feature that airs during North Shore Morning and North Shore Digest weekdays during the school year. Students gather news about the happenings and activities in their school, create a news report, and then record the report which is broadcast on WTIP.

Every week students from all the schools in Cook County report School News. In the photo to the left Great Expectation students gather around microphones to record a song for School News.

In the photo to the right Great Expectations students report School News on the second day of school, Sept. 7, 2011.

What's On:
Kindergarten Aide Adrianna

School News from Sawtooth Elementary, October 29

Sawtooth MP3 News 25 October.mp312.8 MB

Sawtooth Elementary kindergarten teacher Dena Schliep has a busy job.  Luckily, Cook County senior Adrianna Berglund is there to help.  In this edition of Sawtooth Elementary School News, Adrianna shares her thoughts about being a kindergarten aide.

7th Grade Science

School News from Cook County Middle School, October 26

Final MP3 CC MS News 25 October.mp312.96 MB

In 7th grade science, students are learning the scientific model through the study of plants.  This week on Cook County Middle School News, science teacher April Walstrom and students explain more about the experiment.

Elementary Teacher Natalie Shaw

School News from Sawtooth Elementary, October 15

Final MP3 Sawtooth News 11 October.mp37.11 MB

Natalie Shaw is the new 1st grade teacher for Sawtooth Elementary School.  Natalie began her career with Sawtooth Elementary and is excited to be back working with her delightful 1st grade students.  This week, Natalie brings us Sawtooth Mountain Elementary School News.