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"The On-Time Circus" traveling puppet show comes to Grand Marais August 16

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The On-Time Circus is a traveling puppet show that will be performing this Saturday in Grand Marais. WTIP volunteer Mark Abrahamson spoke with puppet artist Margo McCreary on North Shore Morning.


Saturday, August 16th, at 4pm at Rec Park Pavillion in Grand Marais -- Ms. Tock, Jack the Dog and Jessamine the Diva Chicken are featured in The On-Time Circus!

Ms. Tock has set out with her feisty dog, a flock of talented chickens, and tagalong mice in her quirky little trailer assembled from pieces of her past! Together they have a circus to perform. This is not just any circus; this circus is On-Time! Ms. Tock studied time with her beloved Grandfather Clock, and now even Grandfather Clock has a timely circus act! There is just one catch, and that has the fate of he On-Time Circus up in the air!

The On-Time Circus is up to the minute fun for family audiences.

(Photo by Bruce Silcox)