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West End News: December 5

Sugarloaf pulpwood rafting
Sugarloaf pulpwood rafting

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The new Cook County Community YMCA in Grand Marais will open next month, with many programs and opportunities for all county residents.  Of course, the distance from the West End communities to the new Y makes is a little less attractive for us, but nonetheless, it is there and we should all use it as much as is practical.
One of the Y’s programs may be helpful for the home schooling families in the West End.  Apparently, YMCAs across the country have a niche offering physical education programs to home-schooled children.  Emily Marshall, the director of the Cook County Y, would like to offer that service here.
Emily is asking for input from home schoolers, so the program can be designed to best fit their needs. You can find Emily’s contact information by searching for the Cook County YMCA on the web, or contact WTIP for full information.
Back when my daughter Ruthie was home schooling here at Sawbill, we tried to schedule several town activities on the same day each week to cut down on the driving.  She volunteered at Birch Grove School as a teacher’s aide, which we tried to combine with dance and piano lessons.  These opportunities not only gave her valuable education, it also provided important social contact.
The Sugarloaf Cove Nature Center in Schroeder is once again offering a Master Naturalist class this winter.  I can’t imagine a better place to become a skilled naturalist than on the shores of Lake Superior at Sugarloaf.
The course will give you deep knowledge of the natural systems of Lake Superior, the North Shore and the inland forest.  The timing of the course includes the fascinating northland transition from winter to spring.  Classes are scheduled for all day on alternating Saturdays beginning Feb. 22 through May 10.
There is a charge for the course, but scholarships are available. Class size is limited and does tend to sell out, so if you’re interested contact Molly at 218-525-0001 or through the
Speaking of Sugarloaf, the West End community was saddened by the death of Don Ingram last week.  Don was a prominent and well-respected member of the West End community when he managed the pulpwood rafting operation at Sugarloaf Cove for the Consolidated Paper Company.   He moved back to Cook County after retiring from Consolidated, although he spent his winters in Arizona.  I’m sure the entire West End joins me in offering condolences to Don’s family and many friends for their loss.
I noticed an article in the Ely Timberjay newspaper this week about a proposal to convert an old community center there into a fresh food production center.  Although the article didn’t mention it, I’m sure they are inspired by the successful Victus Farm project in Silver Bay.
This got me to thinking about how a similar project would make sense here in the West End.  With the number of restaurants around here, locally grown food and fish would find a large and steady market.  In fact, several local entrepreneurs have already started down this path.  I’m wondering if the old Moffat Industrial building in Lutsen could be converted to a closed loop food production facility?  I know that it is a large and solidly built building that has been underutilized ever since Moffat Products moved away.  It’s food for thought – pun intended.
The huge and wonderful West End winter recreation trail system is now up and running, thanks to the timely snowstorm.  If you aren’t already a regular trail user, I highly recommend that you try out the local snowmobile and cross-country ski trails.  They really are among the best in the world and a great resource to have here in our backyards.
For WTIP, this is Bill Hansen with the West End News.

{photo of the former Sugarloaf pulpwood rafting operation in Schoreder, courtesy of the North Shore Stewardship Association}