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West End News: September 12

U.S. Senator Al Franken
U.S. Senator Al Franken

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If you’ve ever thought about going back to college, you should know that you can do it right here in Cook County, in a flexible way that fits with your life.  Cook County Higher Education has helped hundreds of people attain degrees and certificates in every field that you can imagine.
The folks at Higher Ed specialize in helping people who are worried about returning to school.  They will do whatever it takes to make sure that you succeed with your education plan.
If you have some worries about going back to school, I highly recommend Higher Ed’s “Academic Warrior” program.   Bob Pratt, who is a retired educator and Cook County native, will be presenting four sessions of the “Academic Warrior” starting on Wednesday, September 18th in Grand Marais.  It will continue for each of the next three Wednesdays from 4 to 5:30 pm.
Bob is an expert in preparing non-traditional students for academic success.  He will cover note-taking, ways to improve memory, reading skills, setting goals and creating good habits.  The last session will cover methods for learning critical thinking skills, asking good questions and engaging the brain.
Bob is a wonderfully encouraging teacher.  He grew up in Cook County and was the first person in his family to go to college.  He has a gentle and cheerful approach, but is fiercely passionate about helping people improve their lives through education.
I highly recommend this program to anyone who is thinking of going back to school. There is a modest charge for the sessions, but scholarships are available, so no one will be turned away.  You can attend any or all of the sessions.  For more information, contact Cook County Higher Education at 387-3411 or  As always, you can contact WTIP for full contact information. Thanks to the Duluth/Superior Foundation for making the program possible.
Just before Labor Day, we were surprised to see Senator Al Franken walk into our store here at Sawbill.  He was with a group of four friends, including St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, who were headed into the BWCA Wilderness for a few days of fishing and relaxing. 
It is notoriously difficult for members of congress to get a little vacation time, so we treated the senator like every other customer, giving advice on fishing spots and recommending good campsites.  A few of the other customers recognized the senator and shook his hand. He was cordial, of course, but we could tell he was focused on getting to the nearest walleye hole and putting his line in the water.
His staff insisted that he carry a satellite phone because they were worried that the crisis in Syria might require him to return quickly to Washington.  Sure enough, that’s what happened.  Just a few hours after Senator Franken hit the trail, President Obama announced his intention to have the congress vote on the use of force in Syria.  The senator had to pack up his gear and drive back to the Cities, where he arrived about 2 in the morning.  He was in Washington later that same morning for a classified briefing on the Syria situation.
On the one hand, I feel bad for Senator Franken, because his vacation was cut off just as it began.  On the other hand, I was glad that he puts the effort for world peace ahead of his fishing plans.  Hopefully, he’ll find another opportunity to come back and hook the walleyes he had to pass up this time.
The whole Syrian situation brought to mind the presidential campaign of Ely resident and well-known writer Bob Carey, back in the ‘70s.  Bob ran a spirited campaign for President as the candidate of the “Fishing Party.”  He viewed every national and international issue through the lens of how it affected fishing.  He declared his unconditional opposition to war because it was noisy and scared the fish.  I couldn’t agree more with that position!
The 18th annual Lutsen Fire Department pancake breakfast is scheduled for Sunday, September 15th, from 8 to 11 am.  It will be held in the brand new Lutsen Town Hall at the corner of Highway 61 and the Caribou Trail.
Sonya Hellend’s famous secret pancake recipe will be used again this year, along with real maple syrup extracted from maple trees right in Lutsen.  Of course there will be bacon, sausage, orange juice and lots of strong coffee available too.
The Lutsen Fire Department benefits from the proceeds.  It isn’t all for fire protection though.  They use some of the proceeds to fund and annual $500 college scholarship awarded to a deserving Cook County High School senior.
I’ve been to a lot of pancake breakfasts in my life.  I love pancakes and I always enjoy the food and the community camaraderie, but the Lutsen pancake breakfast has the best pancakes and best syrup of any breakfast in the world, hands down.  Be there, or be square.