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Why Support WTIP?
Visitors to the area often tell us, "WTIP is something special - unlike any other radio station." It is a station that reflects our diverse community, shares news and information, and offers a unique mix of music and features.
WTIP reaches out and links the elderly with youth, 5,000 residents with 50,000 tourists, and seasonal residents with year-round residents, all of whom are dispersed throughout 1,500 square miles of woods and waters. While Cook and Lake counties are the primary geographic area served, our online listeners can be found in many counties and states, far beyond our broadcast range. All listeners make up the community of listeners we aim to serve.
WTIP also reaches beyond the airwaves, embracing our position as a trusted community asset to increase the well-being of our listeners. We recognize that we have an ability to help initiate positive change through discussion, connection and information sharing. In recognition of our efforts, WTIP was chosen by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for a My Source Community Impact Award for Engagement, recognizing our commitment and responsiveness to our community.
As a non-profit community station, WTIP relies on the support of our community of listeners to maintain and increase our services. Support for WTIP can take many forms, and it all helps WTIP maintain and extend our services:


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