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Wildersmith December 24

Snow (User:Introvert on Wikimedia)
Snow (User:Introvert on Wikimedia)

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 The north woods and all the universe is celebrating the birthday of all birthdays in a few short hours. And although that of yours truly is almost in the same moment, everyone knows the one I’m talking about.

The wonderland of winter has not taken on much change since we last met on the radio. Our landscape hereabouts remains crystal pure, but Mother Nature and her son Old Man Winter have done little to enhance things with a pre-Christmas white event. Our Christmas will be white for sure, and it’s appearing that the romance of a new forest flocking might be in the offing, we’ll see.

Temps have been pretty much normal as we head into the last verse of 2010, with lows around the zero mark and highs creeping into the teens. Further, we’ve had very few peeks of the sun or moon for most of the recent diurnal segments. Gray has definitely been the color of the month.

At the time of scooping up this week’s upper Gunflint news, it is unknown whether all of the lunar activities were visible in this area. But it had to be a bonanza in places where skies were clear, a real time to carpe diem or in this case, to seize the night, a special moment for heralding winter and some majestic celestial events.

In celebration of winter’s arrival, the sun, moon and Sagittarius were all lined up signaling the solstice. Strap on some snowshoes or skis and take a trip into nature’s white-out. Let your path cross tracks with those of the wild neighborhood, shuffle in the fluff or lie down and make a snow angel, for time is flying by. Winter is not without heart, so let us not miss a moment of this unique place and time in the forest.

Remember that suddenly the daylight minutes are on the increase with each sunrise and sunset creeping back northward. Our lengthy shadows will be shortening back to the south, and it will all be gone in the blink of an eye; seed and plant catalogs are on the way!

This past week has marked a great deal of nearby wolf activity. A five-pack was observed on the Mile O’ Pine one morning, and the run to the mailbox has been led by at least one or more sets of fresh tracks on a daily basis. There’s obviously some big healthy animals, based on the size of paw prints left in the snow.

Only a couple days after the Gunflint froze over, a venison fast food stop was observed on the ice somewhat near the Canadian shore straight across from Wildersmith. And a few days later, during a drive down county road 20/50, we saw two more warriors trotting down the lake paralleling the south shore. They were either late to lunch or on a recon mission because they were really moving.

Then I was treated to a call of the wild this past Sunday while out on my a.m. feeding chores. It was a howling that pierced the peaceful silence of a calm December dawn, and embellished the mystery of life in the wilderness. Exactly where were they? And what were they up to? What an adventure!

On this Christmas Eve, all is calm and all is bright, have a Silent Night, a Holy Night, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a great life.

Keep on hangin’ on, and savor a few hours of peace!

Airdate: December 24, 2010