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Wildersmith on the Gunflint: August 1


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Hello month eight! Who would have thought we’d be in August already. “Neebing” (summer in Ojibwe) is rapidly approaching the halfway point by the calendar.
Subtle changes in our natural world add to the adventure of our 2014 Gunflint journey. One noticeable sign is the appearance of golden dogbane leaves along the Trail, one of the earliest signs of autumn.  My, how briskly the sands of our season sift along.
Our midsummer weather has been up and down in the past week. A few segments were down with warm and sticky while those remaining were up, cool and north woods refreshing. Another couple offerings from the heavens rained down on the territory too. Nearly 1 1/4 inches in the Wildersmith neighborhood helped keep the wildfire danger at bay for the time being.
More summer hype along the Trail happens this week. The annual Mid-Trail Property Owners Association fundraising event happens this coming Thursday, Aug. 7, at Fire Hall # 1 facilities (Poplar Lake).
The flea market and gift boutique open at 1 p.m. Those activities will be followed by the always exciting super auction. And, last but not least, the day will close down around 4 p.m. by drawing for the winner of the 26th edition of 2014 Mid-Trail Quilters’ stitching endeavors.
Collective proceeds of the afternoon’s four-part celebration will again be donated in support of the Trail fire department and rescue crews. Summer beverages and home-baked treats will be available. All area residents and visitors are invited!
Times are blue these days. Yes they’re on, the blueberries. Along with bears of the region, vehicles of pickers dot the Gunflint hills and roadsides as our blues fest captures hearts and whets appetites of hundreds.
I’m putting my money on the bears in this gathering contest between man and beast. Yet, I know there’ll be enough buckets filled to provide plenty of blueberry treats for human delight.
By the way, the fruits of these picking labors happen at just the right time. Preliminary notice is given that the culinary art of pie baking will be celebrated at the end of the month.  The Chik Wauk Museum and Nature Center grounds will host the tasty event as he Gunflint Trail Historical Society puts on their annual pie and ice cream social, Sunday, Aug. 31.
More details will be forthcoming. Area pastry artisans who are willing to contribute a pie for the event should contact Sally Valentini at 388-0900 confirming your participation. Everyone is invited to come up the Trail, or out of the woods, for this sweet engagement at Trail’s end on Labor Day weekend.
A reminder is shared once more that tickets continue on sale for “The Gunflint Woods, Winds and Strings Chamber Music Concert” Saturday, Aug. 16. Reservations can be obtained by calling the Chik-Wauk Museum, (218) 388-9915 or by going online to the Gunflint Trail Historical Society website.
The north woods musical celebration will commence at 4 p.m. in the Mid-Trail fire hall facilities (Poplar Lake). A post-concert reception follows in the Schaap Community Center next door. Tickets are going fast so don’t delay making that reservation.
And finally, if we Gunflinters haven’t had enough harassment from the buzzing biters thus far, a number of folks have been battling infestations of ants. I’m told the creepy crawlers range from minis in size to big ones, (the kind that chomp on window sills and other such wooden household parts). Sad to say, this latest assault of Arthropods must be a delight for area exterminators.
In spite of our periodic vermin dilemmas, peace and quiet of this place still reigns supreme.  It’s hard to improve on silence as a Canadian sunset sets the stage for cool calming waters and an explosion of northland celestial magic!
Keep on hangin’ on and savor some Gunflint quiet!