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Wildersmith on the Gunflint: December 27

winter moon
winter moon

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            As we have passed the miracle birthday of the Christian world, our northland paradise sees the year winding down with a waning “little spirit” moon. 2013 has seen its triumphs and tragedies but goes into the annals as pretty much like most of those preceding, with aspects of good and bad, happy and sad, depending upon the view of the beholder.
            The Wildersmith two hopes your time together with family and friends over the past few days was full of love and gaiety.
During the past week border country weather has not been frightful. Nevertheless, it has remained cold in our neighborhood, so a fire in the stove has been just delightful. It’s been a December to remember.
Temps have peeked up above the zero mark a few times for a welcome moderation. However, it has not been enough to force the natural Zamboni to curtail the ice making mission.
I’m hearing that the prolonged cold is curing the slushy conditions on many deeply snow-covered lakes. By trout opener in a few short weeks, ice should be great. However, operating on the side of caution is always warranted on any lake ice, at any time!
Up to this scribing time, a few puny snows have enhanced the white winter blanket, but not by much. It has been just enough that yours truly has been back at it, shovel and/or broom in hand nearly every day, whisking away anywhere from a skiff to three or four inches.
As we contemplate peace and serenity this time of year, the territory along 48 degrees north is the ultimate in soul-soothing solitude, quiet as falling snow. Even the winds have shown us mercy for the past several days.
It seems the deer frequenting our yard have a good feel about peaceful conditions too. Lately, a growing number have adopted this spot along the Mile O Pine as one of safe harbor.  This will be the case for the time being, at least until “brother wolf” catches a scent and scatters them like wind-driven snow.
 Under luminance of a great December moon over the breast of new fallen snow, we’ve been able to observe many white tails all snug in their beds just east of the house. Although they probably move about during the long darkness hours, many are found resting in the same spots when morning light dawns a new day.
They then spend much of the daytime lounging and browsing around the neighborhood. This scenario depicts one more charming element of residency in the northern forest.
On a related note, we had good fortune of a few clear nights when our “cold moon” was growing to its full splendor. The regal luster brought to mind the title of an old tune “A Blue Christmas.” However, the song’s lyrics didn’t really fit my thoughts during those viewing moments.
 For us in this part of the universe, a lyrical contrast was played out on these waxing nights as “A Blue Christmas” took on a new, more appropriate, meaning for the season. The brilliance of moonlight over the wilderness landscape was displayed in a panoramic azure elegance! Coupled with a zillion trees casting long eerie shadows, those north woods nights were otherworldly, enchanting!
Now we’re closing the books on the 13th year of the new century and heading toward 2014. The light of the New Year is coming over the eastern hills and ‘round the bend. I hope the coming 365 are as fruitful and rewarding as we can make them! May peace and goodwill toward all men be walked, instead of talked!
Happy New Year!
Keep on hangin’ on, and savor a happy ending and a new beginning!

{photo by Jon Sullivan via Wikimedia Commons}