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Of Woods and Words

Ada Igoe

Ada Igoe

Ada Igoe is proud to be homegrown on homegrown radio. Her radio career at WTIP began at an early age. As a child she tagged along to many of the meetings and fundraisers that lead to WTIP's formation. From 1999-2003, during her teenage years, she co-produced WTIP's Ragamuffin Radio, a weekly children's program. After graduating from the College of St. Scholastica in 2007 with a B.A. in English and Communication, she punted about the globe, temping in both London, England and the Twin Cities before realizing the woods and community of Cook County would always be home. She lives on the Gunflint Trail. Her commentary, "Of Woods and Words" can be heard on WTIP's A.M. Calendar program and on North Shore Weekend Saturday mornings. You can also subscribe to a podcast.

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According to Ada, homemade jam has magical qualities

Of Woods and Words: The Joy of Jam

Recently, whenever a friend calls to check in, it always seems I’m in the middle of canning something.

The wedding’s been one of those engagements where I’ve had suspicions that it’s not going to be as straightforward as I thought

Of Woods and Words: Wedding Wear

When a close friend got engaged last autumn, I knew that meant a wedding to attend this September. No big deal, I figured: just slap on a smile, a dress and bring a small home appliance as a present.

"By the time the state fair fires up, most people up north have developed a dull, harried look in the back of their eyes"

Of Woods and Words: A Malady Called "August"

When I called a vendor last week to reorder some merchandise, he asked how I was doing.

In the past week, firefighting personnel in these parts have put out at least three out-of-control campfires

Of Woods and Words: The Central Campfires

Back in the days of Greek mythology when the Titan Prometheus gave fire to the mortals, Zeus tied him to a rock for the eagles to eat his liver out.

Rock Cairns

Of Woods and Words: Leaving a Mark

I don’t remember noticing them when I was younger. Now, on each visit to Artist’s Point and the Grand Marais Harbor, I’m amazed at the plethora of rock cairns I find.

Garden Bounty

Of Woods and Words: Plenty

Anyone who’s done the two-, or three-, or four-job shuffle in Cook County knows this isn’t exactly the land of milk and honey. Career prospects are few. Prices are high.

Shake it off! by Travis Novitsky

Of Woods and Words: All Things Bright and Beautiful

When James Herriot, the now infamous British veterinarian, chose titles for his memoirs of veterinary life in Yorkshire, he used lines from a familiar hymn: "All things bright and beautiful, all

Explorer's Club kids - photo courtesy of the Cooperation Station

Of Woods and Words: Where's The Wonder?

Growing up, my brother and I thought nothing of trekking down to Lake Superior by ourselves to clamber over the huge shore rocks or skip stones across the lake’s surface.

Rhubarb Pie Photo by Zak Hubbard on Flickr

Of Woods and Words: Summertime and the Eating is Easy

If you know where to look, it’s easy to tell when the summer season is upon us at the cabin. You could check in the bay to see if the neighbors’ seaplane is parked at its summer dock.

Andy and The Wood by Ada Igoe

Of Woods and Words: Woodpile Status Symbols

We started worrying about our woodpile long before winter came. It was the first winter the cabin has been used all season and no one was quite sure how the little house would hold its heat.