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Of Woods and Words

Ada Igoe

Ada Igoe

Ada Igoe is proud to be homegrown on homegrown radio. Her radio career at WTIP began at an early age. As a child she tagged along to many of the meetings and fundraisers that lead to WTIP's formation. From 1999-2003, during her teenage years, she co-produced WTIP's Ragamuffin Radio, a weekly children's program. After graduating from the College of St. Scholastica in 2007 with a B.A. in English and Communication, she punted about the globe, temping in both London, England and the Twin Cities before realizing the woods and community of Cook County would always be home. She lives on the Gunflint Trail. Her commentary, "Of Woods and Words" can be heard on WTIP's A.M. Calendar program and on North Shore Weekend Saturday mornings. You can also subscribe to a podcast.

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Of Woods And Words: Raised On Radio

When my brother and I were very little, our family lived briefly on the edge of the Minnesota prairie. We didn’t have a T.V.


Of Woods And Words: The Culture of Leaving

In this land of summer vacation homes, people are naturally curious about where you’re from.

Big wave

Of Woods and Words: The Wave

I grew up just outside of Grand Marais, or “in town” as we say around these parts.

Rhubarb pie

Of Woods and Words: A Tale of Two Pies

When in the kitchen, many people strive to get their recipes tasting just as good as Grandma’s.


Of Woods and Words: Fences Make Good Neighbors

Like any recent college grad worth their share of student loans in a floundering economy, I spend a fair amount of time at my parents’ place.  Coincidentally, I often pop around near sup

New York City

Of Woods and Words: Things That Go Thump in the Night

I’m not sure why I expected to get a decent amount of sleep when I spent a week in New York City this past month.

Ada's knitting bag

Of Woods and Words: Knitting: Nature or Nurture?

The other day I was in Duluth at one of the outdoor gear and apparel stores, poking through the selection of discounted wool socks when I overheard the conversation taking place at the checkout cou

Ada's snowflake decorations

Of Woods and Words: 'Tis the Season

When I was growing up, the Christmas tree went up shortly after Thanksgiving and didn’t come down until well into January. The outside Christmas lights stayed up even longer.

The shack

Of Woods and Words: Life in the Shack

When I drove home from work a few weeks ago, the thermometer in my car read 6 below.

The Gunflint Trail, photo by Stephan Hoglund

Of Woods and Words: Driving On Ice

While my grandfather made his living plowing the roads of Cook County, I am the second generation of reluctant drivers in my family.