Don't Show Off - February 22, 2014

How we do get comfortable "letting our light shine"?  What keeps us playing small?

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Truly Listening - November 16, 2013

What does it take to listen well?  To others? To ourselves?

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Influencing Others - October 12, 2013

According to Daniel Pink, in his new book, To Sell is Human, the average worker spends 40% of their working life influencing.  That would be influencing people to take our project, to give


Centered Leadership - Research by McKinsey - September 1, 2012

The Centered Leadership model is based on several years of research by Joanna Barsh, McKinsey Consulting.  This powerful model summarizes what she learned in interviewing successful women leaders


CHARISMA CAN BE LEARNED - September 18, 2010

 The book Leadership Presence by Halpern and Lubar takes lessons from acting to help us cultivate an authentic and powerful presence.


What does it mean to stand in your power? - July 31, 2010

What does centered power feel like?  How do I stand firm in what I know and stay open to those around me?


Looking at What Really Motivates, the work of Daniel Pink - June 19, 2010

The book, Drive by Daniel Pink debunks the most common myths on how to motivate people. It turns out the carrot (v the stick) is not much better and can actually diminish intrinsic motivation.


The Value of Questions

Questions are the key to thriving in turbulent times.


Complaints to Commitments

Transforming a complaint into self awareness. A reflection based on the book "Changing the Way We Talk to Change the Way We Work" by Kegan and Lahey.