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Youth Voices Stories

Nina - Computer Virus

Youth Radio Producer Nina's Poem invites us into the world of a computer virus


Sean - Internet

Youth Radio Producer Sean talks about getting access to the internet at home for the first time.


Chloe & Lynden - Sean's Flirting Problem

Chloe & Lynden confront Sean about his flirting "problem"


Nina - Patrick Knight Interview

Youth Radio Producer Nina Interviews Patrick Knight about his job.


Chloe & Doran - Valentines Day At Great Expectations School

Youth Radio Producers Chloe & Doran ask fellow students at Great Expectations School what they plan to do for Valentines day.


Nina - Valentines Day History

Youth Radio Producer Nina investigates the history of Valentines day


Lucy - Recipe For A First Date

Youth Radio Producer Lucy's Recipe for a first date


Patrick Knight

Interview with Patrick Knight


In this interview with WTIP's own Patrick Knight, Youth Producer Nina Woerheide asks what interests Patrick and what motivated him to pursue a career in media.

Lynden Blomberg

Youth Producer Lynden Blomberg shares his feelings about finding a job


In this commentary, Youth Producer Lynden Blomberg expresses his concern over the conflicts in finding a job.