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Bob Brandt with student (Photo by Carah Thomas)

Bob Brandt, Drivers Education Teacher, on Success

Getting your driver license is a rite of passage for many teenagers.

The Youth Take captures voices from around Cook County about our weekly theme

Youth Take: Success

In this "Youth Take," Youth Radio Project members Sterling Anderson and Shawn Neuwirth asked people what success means to them. They had a variety of answers, many of which were surprising.

Photo by bdearth via flickr

Michael McHugh live from Alaska

A familiar voice has been missing from the Thursday Youth Radio Project Show the last few weeks.  That is because Michael McHugh is in Alaska.  But he did make time to call in and tell us ab

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Youth Take "Exploration"

In this "Youth Take", Youth Radio Project members Sterling Anderson and Shawn Neuwirth asked people what brought them to Cook County.

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Youth Radio Project interviews Shelby Gonzalez and Dan Helmerson from the Cook County Vistiors Bureau

Youth hosts Sterling Anderson and Shawn Neuwirth talk with Dan Helmerson and Shelby Gonzalez in this interview. In the interview, we find out how many tourists visit Cook County each year.

School Bus (Svadilfari/flickr)

Youth Radio Project: Curiousity

Cedar Adams is a junior at Cook County High School and a resident of Hovland. Until this past winter, she was homeschooled her entire life.

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Youth Radio Project interviews Paula Sundet Wolf from Cook County Higher Ed

In this interview, Paula talks about how Higher Ed helps this community. She talks about the many services that Higher Ed provides, including an upcoming lecture series.


Maria Nickolay on Motivation, Homeschooling & Theater

Maria Nickolay recently graduated from Cook County High School. She is an avid contributor to the Grand Marais Playhouse and spent most of her school years homeschooling.

Running requires motivation...especially during the hot summer months

Youth Radio Project: Motivation

Why would you want to run during the hot summer months? Audrey Summers of the Youth Radio Project does just that. What it is that drives her? Why does she enjoy running?

Chris Hoglund (by Stephan Hoglund)

Perpich grad Chris Hoglund on Art School life and writing

Earlier this week, Youth Radio Project members Sterling Anderson, Cedar Adams, Shawn Neuwirth, and instructor Michael McHugh sat down with recent Perpich Arts High School graduate Chris Hoglund.