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Youth Radio Project's Night of the Notorious Interview Series airs weekly on WTIP (Michael Perez/Flickr)

Night of the Notorious: Cailan Carpenter on picking a topic

Cailan Carpenter joined us in the studio this week to share her thoughts on picking a topic for her Night of the Notorious project.

8th graders share their "This I Believe" essays (churl/Flickr)

8th Grade "This I Believe" Essay Readings: Part 1

Teacher Sarah Malkovich has been working with her students over the past few weeks to write "This I Believe" essays as part of her 8th grade exploratory class.

Vote! (lamont_cranston/Flickr)

Youth Radio Project: Let 17-year-olds vote

One of the most exciting elements to surface during the last presidential election was the increased participation of younger voters.  While this can be celebrated, not all young people had the c

Ballot (Corey Templeton/Flickr)

Youth Radio Project interviews CIRCLE on youth voting

As most of you probably know, this week was election week. Prior to the election, we got to thinking about what the status is with young people and voting in America.

Sterling & Kara are hitting the books, too... (Chris Guy/Flickr)

Night of the Notorious: Update with Producers Kara & Sterling

Each week, you hear the voices of Sterling and Kara on the Youth Show. Recently, they've been interviewing their fellow students on their Night of the Notorious research topics.

Running on snow (Tom Cochrane/Flickr)

Youth Radio Project: Cross Country

Last week, on the last sunny day in October, Mara did what she has done every day after school this fall. She went to Cross Country practice.

Kale Boomer takes a closer look at the benefits of a vegetarian diet (Martin Cathrae/Flickr)

Night of the Notorious: Kale Boomer on Vegetarianism, Medicinal Marijuana

Choosing a topic for the College in the Schools Writing Course can prove to be a rather difficult task.

Sarah Larsen shares her earliest research on teacher evaluations (BES Photos/Flickr)

Night of the Notorious: Sarah Larsen on How to Best Evaluate Teachers

The dilemma of how to best evaluate teachers has been in the news a lot recently. Should we evaluate instructors based on test results? Classroom performance? Something else?

Urban art re: Patriot Act (Bob With/Flickr)

Night of the Notorious: Kyle Martinson on the Patriot Act

As part of our Night of the Notorious interview series, College in the Schools English student Kyle Martinson joined us in the studio this week to talk about his topic.