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Moments In Time

Artists Point, Grand Marais/ Photo by Sharon Mollerus via Flickr

The North  Shore is home to a rich history and diverse culture. In Moments in Time, we speak with community members about their memories from different periods of our region's past to help foster an appreciation and understanding of the community in which we find ourselves today.

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Early North Shore commercial fisherman with children and lake trout - image courtesy NSCFM

Moments in Time: North Shore commercial fisherman Walter Sve

Walter Sve is a third generation North Shore commercial fisherman based near Two Harbors, MN.  In this edition of Moments in Time, Walter talks with Art Fenstad of the North Shore Commercial Fish

A class full of school children at the Birchwood School in Mineral Center/photo courtesy of the Cook County Historical Society

Moments In Time: Growing up in Mineral Center

Although not much is left of the town of Mineral Center these days, it was once a bustling settler village full of homesteaders, many of whom came from Wisconsin in search of a better life.

Harriet Boostrom Taus

Moments in Time: Harriet Boostrom Taus on Early Gunflint Life

Clearwater Lodge sits half-way up the Gunflint Trail. It's one of the oldest resorts in the Northwoods. Within its history lie stories of the area's earliest pioneers.

The cross carved by workers on the Canadian side of Gunflint Lake  in honor of their fellow worker who died building the railway

Moments In Time: Lost Lives and Hard Work on the Early Gunflint

The Gunflint Trail is a quiet and wild place. Best known for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness that surrounds it on both sides, the Trail is often characterized as pristine and untouched.

Tobin Trail

Moments in Time: Anishinaabe & Isle Royale

In its early days, before Isle Royale became a national park in 1940, the island was home to loggers, miners and fishermen. Most were Scandinavian immigrants.

The Superior Hiking Trail on the North Shore

Moments in Time: Early Roads of the North Shore

As you travel along highway 61 today, it’s hard to imagine that just over 150 years ago, the only thing connecting Cook County with lower sections of the North Shore was a long, intricate system

Millie Mainella at 102

Moments in Time: Millie Mainella

Millie Mainella moved to Cook County in 1910 at the age of two.  She grew up in Moose Valley, near Hovland, and remembers her childhood there.   Millie passed away in August,

Historic Edison Fishery on Isle Royale

Moments in Time: Stuart Sivertson on Isle Royale

Isle Royale, off the North Shore of Lake Superior, was designated as a National Park in the early 1940's.  At that time, there was a vibrant community of commercial fishing families on the is

Madam Mag Matthews established brothels all along the PAD&W railway, including one in Cook County

Moments In Time: The Madam of Cook County

The first liquor license issued in Cook County went to a Canadian woman who opened a brothel near the end of what is now the Gunflint Trail. Her name was Margret Matthews, but people knew her as Mag.

For many Scandinavian immigrants who arrived during the 1800s, small family fishing operations were the main source of income

Moments in Time: Family Fishing in the 1800s

The North Shore during the 1800s was an isolated place.