Points North

Shawn Perich

Shawn Perich

Shawn Perich writes a weekly column on conservation and the outdoors for Minnesota Outdoor News. He owns Northern Wilds Media, Inc., a publishing company located in Grand Marais and is the author of eight books. He lives in Hovland with his partner Vikki and two dogs. His commentary, Points North, airs on WTIP every Friday morning between 7-8 and Saturdays on North Shore Weekend between 7-10 a.m. You can also subscribe on our Points North podcast.


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Points North: A Legacy Only A Developer Can Love

Governor Pawlenty's recent veto of state shoreland zoning rule revisions hardly came as a surprise.


Points North: A “Stay Vacation” Reaps Tasty Rewards

When you hook up with a steelhead on Lake Superior, you know it. Suddenly the reel drag starts to sing, and the fishing rod to which it’s attached takes a deep bow.


Points North: Of Suckers, Toads And Clams

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is best known for managing the national wildlife refuge system and the nation’s waterfowl and for its work with endangered species.

Sea Otter Hunters, 1896

Points North: After Centuries Of Wildlife Destruction, Have We Learned Anything?

Steve Nicholls has opened a window to view North America as none of us will ever see it.


Points North: So What Color Is Monkey Puke?

 In fishing, nothing lasts forever. Even the best fishing rods break. Reels wear out. Lines snap.


Points North: A Hot Summer for Lake Superior Fishing

Trollers take note. This summer is shaping up to be a good one for Lake Superior fishing.


Points North: Congress Must Stop Thinking and Start Acting to Protect the Great Lakes

A group of lawmakers said the idea to stop the spread of the invasive Asian carp by permanently separating waterways linking t


Points North: A Lesson Learned from the Frogs and the Bees

Around this time of year, I always start thinking about frogs. In fact, I think about frogs more often than I see them.


Points North: Savor Midsummer’s Magic While It Lasts

It happens the same way every year. Sometime around Memorial Day I take a hiatus from fishing to plant the gardens and get the yard in shape for summer.


Points North: Old Dog Not Interested In New Technology

Last week I missed the national conference of the Outdoor Writer’s Association of America, held this year in Rochester, Minnesota.