Sunny's Backyard



Sunny's Backyard is a regular feature on WTIP's Lake County Journal program. Lake County Journal airs monthly on the fourth Thursday at 7 p.m.

What's On:

Sunny's Back Yard: Too Much Zucchini

Sunny finds ways to deal with too much zucchini, and remembers a special rainy night with northern lights in this edition of Sunny's Back Yard.

Sunny's Back Yard: Late August Farewell

Sunny says farewell to August....and to an all-too-brief summer in this edition of Sunny's Back Yard.


Sunny's Backyard: June in the Northwoods

In this episode from late June, Sunny shares what she likes - and dislikes - about the vibrant month of June in the northwoods.

Sunny's Backyard Visitor

Sunny's Backyard: Reluctant Spring

In this edition from late May, Sunny updates us on the progress of this year's reluctant spring.


Sunny's Backyard: Mud Season

It's been a lingering winter with "cement" snow, sleet, freezing rain and even a thunderstorm.

One of Sunny's Huskies

Sunny's Backyard: Early Spring Challenges and Adventures

In this episode from late March, Sunny shares some the mental challenges of a lingering winter, and some of the adventures….

Snowy Road in Lake County

Sunny's Backyard: February

Sunny shares her past February adventures as well as recent observations from her back yard.

Winter Sun

Sunny's Backyard: Winter Solstice

A northwoods winter can be long and dark but we come to expect it and find ways to cope.