Baking bread/photo from the Cook County Historical Society

The Legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps Part 2

In 1933, Cook County was just another area of the United States struggling with the Great Depression. But a program begun by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt called the Civilian Conservation Corps offered hope for the future of both Cook County and area young men. In this episode, former CCC enrollees and construction foremen recall their experience working in Cook County’s CCC camps. This piece is part of WTIP’s ongoing series on the legacy of CCC in Cook County.


TAMING THE VOICES IN MY HEAD - September 25, 2010

Many of us struggle with the internal critical voices that judge, demand perfection and generally make us miserable. It is possible to tame the voices with persistent and gentle work.


HAVING FAITH IN HUMANITY - September 11, 2010

 Is it naive to believe in the inherent goodness of humans?


CHARISMA CAN BE LEARNED - September 18, 2010

 The book Leadership Presence by Halpern and Lubar takes lessons from acting to help us cultivate an authentic and powerful presence.



 Working the intentions can be quite powerful when combined with action.  A few tips.



 Sport psychologist, Gary Mack, shares the key ingredients in the mental game of professional sports.  These lessons can be applied to every day life.


FOCUSING ON THE UNSEEN - August 14, 2010

In our culture we tend to focus on "stuff" and miss the beauty of the spaces. And forget it is not so much about what you do, but how you do it.



 Too often we under-value what is unseen (or un-heard)

Kerrie Fabius

County soil survey complete for 2010

The county’s Soil and Water District has been working with contractors to map Cook County soils. So far about 20% of private land has been surveyed.

Larry "Bear" Carlson

Grand Marais Mayoral Candidates: Larry "Bear" Carlson

Two candidates are running for Grand Marais Mayor. Former high school science teacher Larry “Bear” Carlson is a write-in for that office.

Prehistoric arrowheads

Archeological digs set for north shore

The Duluth Archaeological Center is conducting a survey for the Office of the State

Bob Spry

Grand Marais City Council Candidate: Bob Spry

Three candidates are running for Grand Marais City Council. One of them is Bob Spry. WTIPs Jay Andersen interviewed Spry as a part of this week’s city candidate series.

Bill Lenz

Grand Marais City Council Candidate: Bill Lenz

Three candidates are running for Grand Marais City Council. One of them is incumbent Bill Lenz. WTIPs Jay Andersen interviewed Lenz as a part of this week’s city candidate series.


All the way from Possum Lake: Red Green visits The Roadhouse

Red Green, the TV handyman who works miracles with duct tape, chatted with Bob recently about his book, "How to do Everything: By the Man Who Should Know" and about his book tour to raise money for PBS.

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