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Two 1% sales tax projects take next planning steps

The Grand Marais Public Library expansion program and Birch Grove Center outdoor recreation project have been funded with 1% sales tax dollars for design planning.

Fishing at sunset

DNR seeks comments on area lake and stream management plans

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is reviewing management strategies for Grand Marais area lakes and streams and is inviting public input. 

Ann Ward unloads a kiln full of bowls for the upcoming fundraiser/photo by Joan Farnam

Empty Bowls fundraiser draws attention to growing demand for food support

Empty Bowls, an international event to raise money to fight hunger while promoting art and community action, takes place at the First Congregation Church in Grand Marais this coming Thursday.


Road construction is over in Duluth – for now

As of this Monday, Nov. 8, all traffic lanes and ramps in the Duluth I-35 Mega Project have re-opened.

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First ever Minnesota-Wisconsin invasive species conference, Nov. 8-10

Minnesota and Wisconsin have come together for the first time to share resources and information about invasive species in the region.  A three day conference got under way in St.


County to pursue prescription discount program

Nearly 43 percent of the nation’s 3,068 counties currently offer prescription drug discount opportunities to their residents. Cook County is about to join them.


Ever want to just disappear? Frank Ahearn can help

Frank Ahearn, privacy expert and author of"How to Disappear," spoke with Buck Nov. 5 about privacy and how to fall off the radar.


'Cabinologist' and architect Dale Mulfinger on what makes the perfect cabin

Dale Mulfinger, architect and 'cabinologist,' spoke with Ann Possis Nov. 5 about the Minnesota cabin tradition and what makes a cabin feel just right.


What's the opposite of cold? Sauna!

Michael Nordskog, author of "The Opposite of Cold: The Northwoods Finnish Sauna Tradition," chatted with Ann Possis Nov. 5 about one of life's great pleasures: the sauna.

Mink Frog

Frogs face the freeze in different ways

 Chel Anderson is a botanist and plant ecologist . She lives here in Cook County and joins us periodically to talk about phenology or what’s going on in the woods right now.

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