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Graduation Means Leaving Home


While some students yearn to graduate and move on from high school, Youth Radio Project junior Kayla Stacy is worried. What if she screws up? What if she needs help?

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30 Minutes of Fun?


Now that the big night has come and gone, Youth Radio Project junior Kayla Stacy reflects on her experience with prom 2011. While not being close to what she expected, she still had fun.

Graduation 2012, here I come!

The Tradition of Graduation


Tradition is important to Youth Radio Project junior Hayden Goettl. That’s why he plans to partake in the high school graduation ceremony in 2012.

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Planning the Prom


Stressed–induced cold sores? That’s what prom will do to you if you are part of the planning committee.

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Even Cavemen Can Dance

“Prom always brings everyone out of their caves.” So says Sebastian Schnobrich, Youth Radio Project senior.

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No Cure for Senioritus?


If you forgot the terrible-monster-of-a-disease Senioritus, the nearly fatal condition that rears its ugly head right before high school graduation, Cook County senior Daniel Lunde describes the suffe

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Going Stag?


To date or not to date – that is the question. For many students prom creates unbearable pressure.

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The Fear of Graduating


“What will you do after high school? How will you pay for college?

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The Benefits of Snowboarding

Spring! For those of us who survived another long, bitterly-cold winter, the arrival of spring is like the arrival of a long lost friend come home.

The 2011 Cook County Girls Varsity Basketball Team

Cook Count Girls Basketball 2011


Although the Cook County Girls Varsity Basketball Team may have suffered a tough loss to Mountain Iron-Buhl Rangers in the Section 7A semifinal game, the team posted an impressive record, winning

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Valentine's Day: love it or leave it?


Valentine’s Day is supposedly the day for showing love and affection. What does the holiday mean to you? Should there even be one day specifically to celebrate love?

The best place to visit on Halloween?

Ghost in the Graveyard - A Halloween Memory

The imagination is a magical device. It can conjure miraculous images, but also absolutely terrifying ones. When surrounded by darkness, does your imagination go wild?

An Arctic dog team in 1915 from W. E. Mason courtesy of wikimedia commons

Local mushers anticipate Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon


The John Beargrease Marathon is a well-known sled dog race along the north shore of Lake Superior.