Environmental Stewardship

On the Nature of Teaching: "Extend and Elaborate"

On the Nature of Teaching is a monthly segment on WTIP highlighting how we teach and learn in the natural world.

Energy Transition Lab focuses on renewable energy

Dr. Hari Osofsky is director of the Energy Transition Lab, a new project of the University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment. WTIP's Dick Swanson spoke with her recently about why the Lab was set up, what they hope to accomplish, and why energy efficiency and renewables are so important.


Kerrie Berg

Soil and Water to attack invasive species

The Cook County Board has signed off on an Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention plan with funding from the state/ WTIPs Jay Andersen spoke with Soil and Water district manager Kerrie Berg.

On the Nature of Teaching: The Learning Cycle

On the Nature of Teaching is a monthly segment on WTIP highlighting how we teach and learn in the natural world.

White-nose Fungus (Ryan von Linden/New York Department of Environmental Conservation via Flikr)

National Bat Week: Oct 26 - Nov 1

Bats play an important role in our ecosystem and not just on Halloween!  Bats are often misunderstood and currently challenged by white-nose syndrome.  North Shore Morning host Julie Carlson learns more from Steve Robertson, education specialist with the USDA Forest Service, Superior National Forest.


Bayfield high school group visits Russia's Lake Baikal

This past summer a group of students and adults from Bayfield, Wisconsin, traveled to Siberia’s Lake Baikal to experience the culture and natural environment of Russia’s largest body of water. WTIP volunteer Joe Detrick spoke with Wisconsin High School Teacher of the Year Rick Erickson from his classroom in Bayfield about this big adventure with two big lakes.

For more information about this trip go to: www.bayfieldbaikal.weebly.com


Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center (Nature Nerd / Flikr)

On the Nature of Teaching

On the Nature of Teaching is a new monthly segment on WTIP highlighting how we teach and learn in the natural world.

Eurasian milfoil infestation

Studying invasive water species on East Bearskin Lake

Recently Cook County Soil and Water hosted an outing on East Bearskin Lake. Participants got a closer look at invasive aquatic vegetation.  WTIP’s Will Moore rode along to record what they found....


Lake Superior Water Trail working to connect Ontario and United States

Ontario is currently in the process of developing a Lake Superior Water Trail to include the United States and Ontario shoreline in a collaborative effort. WTIP volunteer Mary Manning spoke with Ontario wilderness ambassador Joanie McGuffin on North Shore Morning to learn more about the development of this trail.

Joanie and Gary McGuffin are founders of the Lake Superior Conservancy and Watershed Council, dedicated to preserving the Lake Superior watershed.
Here are links to more information about the Minnesota section and the Wisconsin section of the Lake Superior Water Trail.

Bumble bee

Bee researcher documents native species

There are at least 35 species of native bees living in Cook County and most of them winter either under ground or in cavities. WTIPs Jay Andersen spoke with DNR bee researcher Crystal Boyd.