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The Roadhouse


  • Friday 5-7pm
Arts & Culture Interviews & Live Music
This program officially starts the weekend along the North Shore and across the North Woods. Hosts Dick Swanson & Dave TerSteeg and producer Ann Possis provide two hours packed with insightful interviews,  weekend happenings, local features and toe-tapping music. You never know quite what to expect on the Roadhouse! 
Arts, cultural and history features on WTIP are made possible in part by funding from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Check out other programs and features funded in part with support from the Heritage Fund.


What's On:

Why are we wasting so much food? And how can we stop? Science writer Mary Hoff explains

If everyone hates wasting food, why do we still do it? And how can we stop? Mary Hoff, editor in chief of Ensia, the magazine of the Institute on the Environment at the U of MN, talked with Dick recently about how and why we waste food, and what we can do about it. Mary suggests and as places to learn more.



Don't walk under that ladder! Psychologist explains why we're superstitious

On Friday the 13th, we got to thinking about superstitions. Dr. Donald Saucier, a psychology professor at Kansas State University, chatted with Dave about how superstitions work and why people, even psychology professors, have them. 



Split Rock Lighthouse beacon will be lit November 10 in memory of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Tuesday, Nov. 10 is the 40th anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. It's also the only time each year that the Split Rock Lighthouse beacon is lit, and visitors can climb the tower. Site Manager Lee Radzak chatted with Dave Nov. 6 about the lighthouse and about Tuesday's events, from noon to 6 p.m. You can learn more about the events here.


courtesy Dave Seaton

Dave Seaton on becoming a luthier

Dave Seaton owns and runs Hungry Jack Outfitters with his wife, Nancy. You may not know that he is also an accomplished luthier, or someone who builds guitars. He stopped by Studio A Nov. 6 to explain how he got started in the craft, and more. You can learn more about Dave and his guitars here.



The North Shore has a rich literary history--Patrick Coleman explains

Patrick Coleman, senior curator & acquisitions librarian at the MN Historical Society, stopped by the studio Nov. 6. He was in town to discuss "The Literary History of the Shore" during the first-ever North Shore Readers & Writers Festival. Ann Possis chatted with Pat about books, maps, the influence of the Shore, and lots more.



Maria Nickolay plays The Roadhouse

Maria Nickolay of Hovland stopped by Studio A Oct. 30 with her guitar and gorgeous voice. She played several original tunes and talked about the album she's currently working on.



Why do we like to be scared? Sociologist & fear expert weighs in

On the day before Halloween we were wondering.....why do we enjoy being scared? Dr. Margee Kerr, a sociologist, teacher, and researcher, has been studying fear for years, and chatted with Dick about the science and physiology of fear. Learn more about Margee and her research here.



Pete K rocks the Roadhouse

Local blues guitarist Pete Kavanaugh stopped by Studio A Oct. 16 on his way to a gig at Cascade. You can hear and learn more here.


courtesy MNHS

New MNHS exhibit explores Twin Cities suburban culture

A new exhibit at the Minnesota History Center creates a picture of Twin Cities suburban life from after World War II to the 1970s. Dan Spock, director of the center, joined Will Moore Oct. 16 to talk about the exhibit and why the suburbs are and were such an important cultural phenomenon. You can learn more about the exhibit here.


new Arrowhead Co-op community solar array

Community solar: What it is and how it works

Cook County's local electric co-op, Arrowhead, recently installed a community solar array, and members can subscribe to the output. We wanted to learn more, so we talked with Prof. Kathryn Milun of the Institute on the Environment and UMD, who has been studying community solar and developed a project called the Solar Commons. You can learn more about Arrowhead's local project here