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The Roadhouse


  • Friday 5-7pm
Arts & Culture Interviews & Live Music
This program officially starts the weekend along the North Shore and across the North Woods. Hosts Dave TerSteeg & CJ Heithoff and producer Ann Possis provide two hours packed with insightful interviews,  weekend happenings, local features and toe-tapping music. You never know quite what to expect on the Roadhouse! 
Arts, cultural and history features on WTIP are made possible in part by funding from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Check out other programs and features funded in part with support from the Heritage Fund.


What's On:

MPR host Cathy Wurzer on embracing illness and death to live more fully

20150506cathywurzer.mp344.04 MB

Journalist and MPR host Cathy Wurzer and educator Bruce Kramer embarked on a series of broadcast conversations as Bruce dealt with ALS, about how facing death can transform one's outlook on life. "We Know How This Ends: Living While Dying," is the remarkable book that came out of these conversations and their resulting friendship. Cathy spoke with Buck recently about getting to know Bruce at the same time she struggled with her own losses, including her father's decline into dementia. Click here for the archived conversations between Cathy and Bruce. You can learn more about the book here.


Moose capture - photo courtesy the Minnesota DNR.

Ely Timberjay Editor Marshall Helmberger explains events leading to MN governor's ban on moose collaring

20150501marshallhelmbergermoose.mp329.76 MB

Last week Gov. Dayton ordered the MN DNR to stop the practice of radio-collaring moose, citing reports that collaring has caused the abandonment of some calves as well as the deaths of some adults. Marshall Helmberger, editor of the Ely Timberjay, has done a great deal of investigation and reporting on the issue. He joined Ann Possis May 1 to explain. You can read the Timberjay here.


Lake Superior / NASA photo

Dr. Robert Sterner, director of the Large Lakes Observatory at UMD, on why large lakes are so important

20150501sternerllo.mp332.26 MB

Just five lakes contain more than half of the Earth's liquid surface fresh water. Dr. Robert Sterner, director of the Large Lakes Observatory (LLO) at UMD, has been giving public talks about the 'outsized' role large lakes play in our lives. He spoke with Ann Possis May 1. You can learn  more about the work of the LLO here



Meteorologist Mark Seeley on his updated best-seller, "Minnesota Weather Almanac"

20150501markseeley.mp348 MB

Mark Seeley, climatologist, meteorologist, and MPR commentator, is just out with the revised edition of his best-selling book, "Minnesota Weather Almanac," full of both facts and fun information about weather history. He chatted with Buck May 1 about the book and all things weather. 



U of MN sustainability minor encourages big-picture thinking

20150327umnsustainabilityminor.mp336.55 MB

The sustainability studies minor available at the U of MN allows students to make sustainability part of any academic program, helping students recognize the conflicts and trade-offs between economic growth, social equity, and environmental health. Beth Mercer-Taylor, coordinator of sustainability education at the U, spoke with Will Moore Mar. 27 about the program and why it's important. Learn more about sustainability studies at the U.



The Great Northern Radio Show is coming to Grand Marais

20150327aaronbrown.mp339.86 MB

Aaron Brown is producer and host of the Great Northern Radio Show, a live variety show from KAXE in Grand Rapids. He chatted with Will Moore Mar. 27 about the show and how he puts it together. During April, WTIP will air archived editions of the Great Northern Radio Show during the regular Roadhouse slot, 5 to 7 p.m. Fridays. Aaron and his crew bring the show to the Arrowhead Center for the Arts in Grand Marais Sat., June 13. Learn more about Aaron here and the Great Northern Radio show here.


Lake Superior Surf by David Grinstead

EPA ends funding for Lake Superior Binational Forum

20150327lissaradkelsforum.mp327.41 MB

Lissa Radke, the Lake Superior Binational Forum's U.S. coordinator, spoke with Ann Possis Mar. 27 about their loss of funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The future of the forum, which has been working since 1991 to protect the world's largest lake, is in question. Lissa explained what the forum has accomplished and how its work might proceed without the help of the EPA. To learn more, go to



David Treuer's latest novel, "Prudence," about love and loss in WWII-era America

20150320davidtreuer.mp342.98 MB

 David Treuer, Ojibwe from Leech Lake, now lives in southern California, writing and teaching at USC. He joined Buck Mar. 20 to discuss his latest book, "Prudence," which explores issues of love, desire, and race against the background of World War II. You can learn more about David and his work here



Michael Monroe's new album pays homage to folk heroes of the 1960s

20150320michaelmonroe.mp353.1 MB

Michael Monroe has just released his 12th album, "Folk Legends," a tribute to the heroes of folk who inspired him to make music. He stopped by Studio A Mar. 20 to chat with Bob about it and play a few cuts off the CD. A CD release party is scheduled at the Chanhassen Fireside Theater April 10 & 11. You can learn more about Michael's music here


Inuit throat singers perform in Studio A

20150320inuitpremiere.mp336.01 MB

Bob Carter & Buck welcomed Inuit throat singers Nina Segalowitz and Mrs. Partridge to the Roadhouse Mar. 20 for a wonderful demonstration of this ancient singing technique, as well as discussion of its history and purpose. Kate Vasyliw of Dorset Fine Arts and Jan Sivertson, owner of Sivertson Gallery, were also there. The 15th annual Inuit Premiere took place at the gallery March 20 & 21.