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Mark Olson and Ingunn Ringvold crash Blues n Things

John Gorka

Why are we wasting so much food? And how can we stop? Science writer Mary Hoff explains

If everyone hates wasting food, why do we still do it? And how can we stop? Mary Hoff, editor in chief of Ensia, the magazine of the Institute on the Environment at the U of MN, talked with Dick recently about how and why we waste food, and what we can do about it. Mary suggests and as places to learn more.


Don't walk under that ladder! Psychologist explains why we're superstitious

On Friday the 13th, we got to thinking about superstitions. Dr. Donald Saucier, a psychology professor at Kansas State University, chatted with Dave about how superstitions work and why people, even psychology professors, have them. 

Mayor Jay Arrowsmith-Decoux

Grand Marais mayor discusses levy increase, funding issues

Grand Marais Mayor Jay Arrowsmith-Decoux spoke with WTIP News Reporter Joe Friedrichs about the city's plan to increase property-tax rates.

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