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Birch Grove

School News from Birch Grove: April 30

Chloe and Kalina report the latest School News.

Action Signs: Your Youngster's Behavioral Health Thermometers

Children often have different ways of experiencing and handling stress than adults, and may have trouble coping with issues in their lives.  WTIP volunteer Sherrie Lindskog spoke with Grace Busha

Road in Superior National Forest

Special Use Permits allow additional access to USFS lands

A Special Use Permit is a way for the Forest Service to let the public use forest lands over and above general outdoor enjoyment.


The Joe Paulik Band plays Studio A

Buck & Ann welcomed the Joe Paulik Band (Joe Paulik, Jessi Nicholson, John Mianowski & Derek Smith) to The Roadhouse Apr. 25 to play a few tunes and talk about the second annual Cook County Ramble, coming up May 2 at 7 p.m. at Cascade Lodge Pub.

Duluth, Minnesota (Sharon Mollerus/Flickr).

Great Lakes shipping season is off to a slow start

The late season ice on Lake Superior has the shipping season off to a slow start.

Boreal's "Blog the Owl"

A look into the past and future of Boreal Access

For nearly 20 years, local non-profit ISP Boreal Access has been connecting people in Cook County to the internet and giving them daily news and events through its community-supported homepage.


"Zenith City" offers personal & historical take on the city of Duluth

Michael Fedo has just written a new book, "Zenith City," a collection of essays about his growing up in Duluth. Ann Possis spoke with him April 25 and learned all about it. He reads a brief passage from one very funny essay, as well. You can read more in his blog, here.

American Dipper (Cinclus mexicanus)

Weekend Outdoors with Larry Weber: April 26th

Local naturalist and retired teacher Larry Weber joins us each Saturday morning to share his observations on what's going on in the great outdoors.

Artist Open House: Cooper Ternes .

MN GreenStep Cities

Green Step Cities Meeting, Monday April 28

GreenStep Cities is a voluntary challenge, assistance, and recognition program to help Minnesota cities achieve  sustainability and quality-of-life goals.

Great Expectatiions School

School News from Great Expectations: April 24

Lynden and Nina report the latest School News. 

Learn more about affordable housing options

Affordable housing is a growing concern in Cook County, and there will be an informational meeting to provide assistance for potential home-buyers.  WTIP host Joe Detrick spoke wit


Grand Marais area fisheries announces survey work

Fisheries staff from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Grand Marais area office will conduct surveys and assessments on several area lakes and streams during the next few months.

Site of the Parkside Public Access

Parkside Public Access Project discussed

The Grand Marais Park Board and DNR are working together on a new boat launch site. WTIP’s Jay Andersen spoke with Rec Park manager Dave Tersteeg about the Parkside Public Access Project.

Cook County Ramble

West End News: April 24

It’s a well-established fact that affordable housing for working people in Cook County is a problem.  That problem is particularly acute for young people who are just starting out and don&r

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