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Handmade book by Karen Smaby

Artist Open House: Karen Smaby makes books

Karen Smaby makes books. She has cut, folded and bound books for years…and along the way she’s helped hundreds of young people to discover and share the joys of her art.

Rich Mattson and Germaine Gemberling

Local Music Project: Rich Mattson and Germaine Gemberling

This edition of the Local Music Project features long time Minnesota music makers Rich Mattson and Germaine Gemberling.  Rich and Germaine reside in Sparta, Minnesota where Rich runs his recordin

Amicus Adventure Sailing

“Sea Change" - Lake Superior Climate Change Presentation

Northland College student Julia Fair and Katya Gordon of Amicus Adventure Sailing will be discussing their plan to address climate change in the Lake Superior watershed.

Clear skies have led to happy visitors this week!   Photo by Carl Hansen.

Project launched to help tourism industry respond to climate change on North Shore

Mae Davenport, associate professor in the department of forest resources at the U of MN, has just received a grant to help North Shore community leasers and our area's tourism-based industry better understand the vulnerabilities, risks, and opportunities a changing climate could bring to our region. She'll be working specifically with organizations and people in Grand Marais, Lutsen, and Finland. Buck spoke with her May 9 to learn more about the project and why it's important.


A chat with fishing guide Kelly Shepard on the eve of fishing opener

It's pretty cold and icy for fishing opener this year...local fishing guide Kelly Shepard joined Buck May 9 to talk about ice-out conditions, fishing prospects, and looking ahead to summer. You can learn more about Kelly's guide service here.


Fascinating facts & stories about nature in three-minute bites, from scientist/outdoorsman Robert Zink

Robert Zink's new book, "The Three-Minute Outdoorsman," distills the latest news from the world of science & nature into three-minute tidbits of interesting information for the regular reader. He chatted with Dave TerSteeg May 9 about the book, and tells some great, quirky stories. Did you know that chickadees in our neck of the woods are smarter than most? Can you guess why? Take a listen.


Transportation expert discusses Rep. Oberstar's legacy

Rep. Jim Oberstar, who represented the Eighth congressional district in Minnesota for 36 years, died last week at age 79. Lee Munnich, director of the national Center for Excellence in Rural Safety at the Humphrey School of Public Afffairs in Minneapolis, joined Dave TerSteeg May 9 to talk about Mr. Oberstar and his legacy in transportation. There are a few fun personal stories here, as well.

Cross River General Store

Moments in Time: Stickney-Lamb Cross River General Store

In this edition of WTIP's ongoing historical series, Moments in Time, Skip and Linda Lamb share some of the history of the old Stickney-Lamb Cross River General Store in Schroeder, now known as th

Dalmatian Toadflax

Take a Hike with the Cook County Invasives Team

The Cook County Invasive Team works to control the introduction and spread of invasive species across the county.   WTIP's Jana Berka spoke with the coordinator of the

Meteorologist Carol Christenson

Wet week ahead with sun at the end of the tunnel

Rain and cool weather for the week, but a sunny weekend ahead. WTIP’s Jay Andersen spoke with meteorologist Carol Christenson.

Turkey vulture

The necessary, but not attractive, turkey vulture

They’re one of our most unusual and interesting raptors…and they’re returning with spring. WTIP’s Jay Andersen talks with naturalist Chel Anderson about turkey vultures.

Forest road

Funds slowly drying up to maintain USFS roads

The hundreds of miles of U.S.Forest Service roads in Cook County are in danger of becomming harder to drive and less safe for visitors and locals alike.

Early radio

Weekend News Roundup for May 10

Each week the WTIP news team puts together a roundup of the week's news.

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