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Andrew Thompson discusses the new Cook County Debate Society (Ben McLeod/Flickr)

Cook County Debate & Discussion Society

Andrew Thompson is a student at Cook County High School, and he's working hard to launch a Debate & Discussion Society for students and community members.


Meteorologist Mark Seeley on our looooong cold winter

Meteorologist Dr. Mark Seeley joined Buck Feb. 28 to talk about this challenging winter. He believes Minnesota has been at the very heart of the cold that has blanketed North America. But cheer up...he also thinks spring will come earlier than it did last year! Photo, "Lake Superior Ice," courtesy of Don Davison.

Check out this interview with Culinary Arts teacher David Grimsley (Danielle Abalde/Flickr)

Teacher Feature: David Grimsley

David Grimsley is a professional chef and the culinary arts teacher at Cook County High School in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

Check out this month's "Book Talk" featuring favorite series (Madeleine Burleson/Flickr)

Book Talk: Favorite Series

What is your favorite literary series of all time?

Check out Sean's picks in this month's "Movie Rundown" (Jennifer Linley/Flickr)

Sean's Movie Rundown: The November Edition

There are a lot of movies out in theaters right now, but which ones are worth seeing?

Check out Youth Radio's monthly feature "Book Talk" (Casey Flaser/Flickr)

Book Talk: Guilty Pleasures

Do you have a book that you love to read, but that you feel sort of guilty sharing about?

Members of the band R5 (Justin Higuchi/Flickr)

Youth Radio Project discusses the band R5

Courtney Clyde and Haylie Anderson of WTIP's Youth Radio Project are two BIG fans of the band R5.

Youth Radio Project previews upcoming basketball season in this feature (acid pix/Flickr)

2013-14 Cook County Basketball Season

It's another year of basketball for Cook County High School athletes.

Czarina shares another original poem with us in this feature (TempusVolat/Flickr)

From the Couch to the Kitchen

Czarina Crow is a WTIP Youth Radio Project producer, high school student and poet. In this feature, she shares a poem about family and loneliness.

Daniel Ditmanson

Teacher Feature: Daniel Ditmanson

Daniel Ditmanson is a Reading Corps volunteer at Sawtooth Mountain Elementary.


Eric Frost & Bill Hansen play The Roadhouse

Dick & Buck welcomed Eric Frost and Bill Hansen to Studio A on a snowy February night. They played a mix of original music and covers and, of course, there was lots of talk and laughter.

Check out Part 2!

In part 2 we take a closer look at how we can prepare ourselves to be in community, featuring the work of Wendy Palmer.

Photo by Bob Cotter.

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In part 2 we take a closer look at how we can prepare ourselves to be in community, featuring the work of Wendy Palmer.

New study finds iPads, other mobile devices can lead to motion sickness--lead researcher explains

Prof. Tom Stoffregen of the U of MN led a study showing that using iPads & other mobile devices often make people feel sick. He joined Buck Feb. 21 to talk about motion sickness in all its forms, what causes it, and ways you can reduce your chances of developing motion sickness.


How candy moved from luxury good to cheap everyday snack...and why a few jellybeans can be a good thing

Prof. Samira Kawash has written a fascinating cultural history of candy: "Candy: A Century of Panic and Pleasure." Dick spoke with her Feb. 21 to learn more about how candy has evolved from a rare treat to integral part of our diets, and why people have such mixed feelings about sugar and candy. Check out her website and read more at

Gordon Thorne.jpg

Gordon Thorne, a Roadhouse favorite, stops in to play during membership drive

Deb Benedict and Buck welcomed blues master Gordon Thorne to Studio A March 7 during our "Spring Forward" membership drivefor lots of great music, including a wonderful song about spring that Gordon wrote specially for the drive. Take a listen. And don't forget the fourth annual fingerstyle guitar weekend, happening April 12 at Bluefin Bay in Tofte.

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