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Rep. David Dill

Rep. Dill says budget negotiations are stalled

The state government shutdown is entering its third week and there is still no end in sight. District 6-A Rep. David Dill called this morning on his way out of St.

Life off the dirt road/ Photo : Bruno Monginoux / (cc-by-nc-nd)

Gunflint Notebook: Dirt Road

Life operates a little differently when you live in the woods off a long dirt road.


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Nosey Rosey



Shawn Perich



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Steve Ramberg



Ada Igoe



Vicki Biggs-Anderson



Bill Hansen


The new community center project

Planning for a new Cook County Community Center is underway, and WTIP wants to hear from you. What's your take on the project? How do you feel about the scope and size? What concerns do you have?


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Carol Christenson

Weather report: summer forecast and summer clouds

Summer fair weather is with us for a while, though there may be showers this weekend.

At Isle Royale. Photo: Minnesota Sea Grant

Report highlights effects of climate change on Great Lakes parks

Climate change is already damaging the fragile ecosystems of major national parks near Minnesota and throughout the rest of Great Lakes area.

A Moment With Tom Christiansen

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Community Center Option One

Putting ‘Community’ in the Community Center,” the July First Thursday Community Conversation.

The July 7 First Thursday Community Conversation broadcast featured information, questions and comments on the proposed community center project.

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