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Rhubarb Pie Photo by Zak Hubbard on Flickr

Of Woods and Words: Summertime and the Eating is Easy

If you know where to look, it’s easy to tell when the summer season is upon us at the cabin. You could check in the bay to see if the neighbors’ seaplane is parked at its summer dock.

Summer Solstice in the Wilderness Photo by Dionne Hartnett on Flickr

Solstice Time in The Wilderness

Summer magic is taking its turn for both residents and visitors to the Gunflint.

Political Forecast in the North...Not Looking So Good   Photo by Antti Nannimus on Flickr

Points North: Will the Budget Be Better than the Fish and Game Bill?

Last week, Outdoor News columnist Rob Kimm pointed out that Governor Dayton's recent veto of the Omnibus Game and Fish Bill was an echo of then Governor Pawlenty's veto of the 2010 game and fish bill.

Photo by Nouspique on Flickr

Pumping the swamps with the “sloughpumper"

A master of camouflage and singer of a most unusual song.

Photo by Ariari on Flickr

How ants and plants help one another

Some kinds of ants and some plants have a relationship called mutualism. In other words the one contributes to the welfare of the other.

Water Arum

Weekend Outdoors with Larry Weber June 18th

Local naturalist and retired teacher Larry Weber joins us each Saturday morning to share his observations on what's going on in the great outdoors.

Zenith Stratosphere A radio

Weekend News Roundup for June 18

Each weekend WTIP news produces a round up of the news stories they’ve been following this week.

Purple coneflowers grow well in gardens on the North Shore

Perennial gardening on the North Shore

This week, hosts Diane Booth and Joan Farnam talk perennial gardening on the North Shore with Mike Heger from Ambergate Gardens and author of "Growing Perennials in Cold Climates" and Gan Me


Ann Possis


Ty Sitter

Sheriff reports body of missing man recovered

The body of a man who was reported missing on Swan Lake in the BWCAW was recovered Thursday.

Sue Futterer

County human services awaits more details on effects of state shutdown

Public Health and Human Services in Cook County serves many vulnerable children and adults with state programs. Some of those programs may be in jeopardy if the state government shuts down July 1.

Rainbow trout

Local Fish Report for June 17

According to our fishing expert Jon Muhich of Buck’s Hardware, word is the walleyes are going a little deeper.

Gov. Mark Dayton

State shutdown will affect some local services

If the governor and legislature cannot solve their budget differences by the end of the month, July will start off with far fewer state-funded services. Cook County will feel some of the pinch.

Fire in the Cimarron District, New Mexico

Minnesota sent three fire crews to New Mexico

Minnesota sent three fire crews to New Mexico to help battle wildfires this week. The crews have 20 members each. Minnesota also sent 14 crew-carrier trucks.


Wolf expert discusses recent escape and shooting of wolf at MN Zoo

Lori Schmidt, wolf curator at the International Wolf Center in Ely, offered her perspective on June 10 about the recent incident at the Minnesota Zoo in whi

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