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Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)

Weekend Outdoors with Larry Weber: November 10th

Local naturalist and retired teacher Larry Weber joins us each Saturday morning to share his observations on what's going on in the great outdoors.

Winter listening

Weekend News Roundup for November 10

Each weekend WTIP news produces a round up of the news stories they’ve been following this week.

Deer (Kent Landerholm/Flickr)

Points North: Deer haul becomes a drag after dark

On the evening before deer season, a spike buck was grazing in my backyard.

Squirrel (Pete Birkinshaw/Flickr)

Wildersmith: November 9

Last weekend found us finally unharnessed from that daylight savings time nonsense. The process of “springing” ahead in April has always seemed kind of hokey to me.

Middle School Teacher Sarah Malkovich

School News from Cook County Middle School, November 9

Personal Choices is a new Exploratory class for Cook County Middle School Students.

Mystery Noise! Photo by Oberazzi via Flickr.

Mystery Noise: November 8

Take a listen to this week's "Mystery Noise," a feature on the Thursday PM Youth Show!

Tune in for the Youth PM Show Thursdays at 5 p.m.

Youth Show November 8

This week's Youth Show=packed! We're joined by new youth radio producer Mara MacDonell, who brings us a brand-spanking-new commentary.

8th graders share their "This I Believe" essays (churl/Flickr)

8th Grade "This I Believe" Essay Readings: Part 1

Teacher Sarah Malkovich has been working with her students over the past few weeks to write "This I Believe" essays as part of her 8th grade exploratory class.

Vote! (lamont_cranston/Flickr)

Youth Radio Project: Let 17-year-olds vote

One of the most exciting elements to surface during the last presidential election was the increased participation of younger voters.  While this can be celebrated, not all young people had the c

Ballot (Corey Templeton/Flickr)

Youth Radio Project interviews CIRCLE on youth voting

As most of you probably know, this week was election week. Prior to the election, we got to thinking about what the status is with young people and voting in America.

Skim ice on Sawbill Lake.

West End News: November 8

Congratulations to everyone involved in the recent elections.

Tofte Construction


PO Box 152
Tofte, MN 55615
United States
"Randy" from "A Christmas Story"

Winter Hazard Awareness: Safety for families and small children

In the last of our Winter Hazard Awareness Week interviews,  WTIP’s Jay Andersen spoke with public health nurse Allison Heeren about families and little kids’ winter safety.

Shelby runs the Superior Trail 25k. Barely. (Kristian Niemi/Flickr)

Out There: Trail and Error

Out There is a monthly segment from WTIP volunteer and commentator Shelby Gonzalez.

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