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Editing For Radio

Editing For Radio Workshops

WTIP invites community members to participate in a "Recording For Radio Workshop" as a part of our Communit

Recording For Radio Workshop

Recording For Radio Workshops

WTIP invites community members to participate in a new project designed to bring a wider range of voices to the air. Par

WTIP's Community Garden Sign

WTIP's Community Garden Thriving in its Third Season

WTIP's community garden is in the midst of its third growing season, with a total of eight community members tending plots this year.  The season was officially kicked off in mid-June as rain bar

WTIP's Goal-O-Meter fills up with the names of supporters during the "Bringing It Home" membership drive

WTIP thanks listeners for support during the “Bringing It Home” membership drive

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make WTIP’s “Bringing It Home” membership drive a success. In four and a half days, WTIP welcomed 48 brand new members and 145 renewing members. Altogether, we heard from 193 people and raised a total of $15,895. Not only did we meet our membership budget for the year… we also reached a milestone of 1,000 active members! Thank you to each of our members ~ your generosity strengthens our services and makes WTIP possible. Thanks also to all our wonderful volunteers, both on and off the air, and the businesses and individuals who donated food and other items. This was truly an amazing showing of support for community radio. Thank you!

AMPERS Independent Public Radio Network

WTIP Spotlight on state-wide content share with fellow community radio stations

WTIP has started sharing on-air content with the AMPERS network.  Listen to WTIP’s Melanie Steele talk with Deb Benedict and Roger Linehan about this new collaboration.

The new WGPO radio tower in Grand Portage

WTIP adds a new radio frequency in Grand Portage, 90.1 FM WGPO

WTIP is pleased to announce the launch of a new signal, WGPO 90.1 FM, in Grand Portage.